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Lesson Thirteen: You Are His Bitch, He Will Be Hanging His Slam On You

The women are giggling, as they load their stuff into the cab, which I always enjoy. Allie explains that she wanted Trump to avoid firing either of them, that this was their plan going in, which honestly should just show you how crazy these people go. "Cruel and unusual" is a magical phrase. But since that was made clear as a fantasy that runs counter to the entire show, they realized you "have to defend yourself." Which they did, I think, admirably, and only a little irritatingly. My inner Sean did not pull out its earplugs, for example. Not that I have a fucking inner Sean. "But we didn't do it by attacking each other's character," which is mostly true. Allie pats Roxanne sweetly and says that they are "proud of walking out with our dignity and integrity..." "And with our friendship," finishes Roxanne.

Which is kind of a middle finger to the firing, which we've seen before -- Michael's was memorable -- but every word, I'm down with. Right cobra, wrong reason, again. Basic '70s feminist black-and-white issues, again. Maybe the lesson learned is that, if those are the bastards setting the standard, sometimes you have to swallow it and meet the standard, and do whatever you can to avoid walking into those traps, and that sometimes no matter how well you do it, you're still going to get smacked by it. Pick it up and keep going. The F4 Utopia was never going to happen, and you spent your time putting eggs in that basket when you should have been working out a better strategy. You should have noticed that women on this show are all whores eventually, and refused to give him even a hint of conflict to hang his nasty little hat upon. You don't have to deal with reality 24/7, but you gotta at least give it a seat at the table. One of the most influential things I ever read was an interview with Roseanne Barr (I think it was Barr at that point, again): sometimes, basically, you give the blow job, and work your way up in the company, and when you can, you fire the guy who demanded the blow job. Preferably after humiliating him. Because the hero in your movie is you, and he's just a supporting character. It's harsh, and icky, and the world has changed since then, for the better, but it's still something I think about from time to time. At least as a metaphor, I mean. What do you take me for?

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