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Stephanie, in spite of their earlier conversation, offers up Danny's head. Oooh, traitor? Danny is surprised, saying that they worked on the same team all day. Danny asks Stephanie whether they collaborated or not, and Stephanie says that essentially, he blew off her ideas. Bren says he'd fire Danny, but Kendra says she'd fire Todd, basically for failing to handle Danny. Carolyn looks pleased. Alex says he'd fire Danny, because he's not sure that Danny is manageable. Trump challenges Danny on whether he's "difficult to manage." Danny denies it. He says he listened to everyone and took advice. But now, it's time for Todd to pick two people to come back with him. He picks Alex and Danny. The rest of the crew gets sent upstairs safely, and Alex, Danny, and Todd adjourn to the lobby.

Inside the Boardroom, George tells Trump that Danny is indeed kind of a nut, but frankly, he's not the reason they lost this one. They lost this one at the cash registers, and George rests that one on Todd. Carolyn basically agrees, saying that the team obviously decided to gang up on Danny, and she's happy that Kendra didn't go along, but focused the responsibility back on Todd. He calls for the three remaining candidates to be called in.

The first question Trump asks Todd is why he brought Alex. Todd says that he put Alex in charge of restaurant management, and that was where the decision to train only two people for cash registers was made. Trump asks if it isn't fair to say they should have trained everybody on point of sale, and Todd agrees. And it was Alex, they explain, who made that call. Trump tells Alex that this is not good news, because he was thinking Alex wasn't really at fault, but now, he thinks it was. Alex tries to shift the thing back to Todd, but now Trump isn't happy with either of them. He asks Todd whether he thinks Alex did a good job, and Todd says that he thinks Alex was good except for the major mistake of understaffing the front lines. George, however, counters that it was Todd's job to know something that significant, and you can't delegate that kind of decision. Todd nods. Because Todd is being schooled by George, and he's trying to look like he's smart and not just a weasel.

Trump returns to Danny, saying that he's looking safer and safer by the minute. Todd jumps in to say that Danny was "uncontrollable," and Trump tries to be all, "Well, you didn't control him," but I'm really not that sure how much more Todd could have done. ["From what we saw, he did…nothing. Didn't give Danny a deadline or boundaries of any kind, didn't require status reports…not that any of that would have worked, but it was never attempted. There's a difference between delegating and abdicating." -- Sars] "Todd, you couldn't manage him," Trump says. Trump then returns to Alex, berating him for doing "a lousy job." Trump is warming up for the boot, and he goes after Todd for not training enough people, and Danny for being "a total disaster," but in the end, he returns to Todd. No leadership, no controlling Danny or helping Alex. "You're fired." He sends them out.

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