Whopper 101

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Have it your way or the highway

As Todd makes his sad exit, Trump and the Viceroys talk about Todd being "a bad leader," and Carolyn says that "Danny was a convenient scapegoat for everybody." Todd gets in the cab and leaves. Farewell, Todd. I am sad that you never answered the phone shirtless, I think.

In his taxi interview, Todd says that this wasn't exactly the outcome he was looking for. "Really, really bummed" is his description. He says he overdelegated, and he was "hung out to dry" by Danny, who didn't do well. But he wishes everyone luck, except for Danny, of course. And then he begs for a job, if anyone happens to be hiring. Ow.

Next week: Fighting! Yelling! Motel renovations! Someone walking off the job! Trump being in a new position! I just can't wait. I mean, I can, but they chose not to give me more than five damn minutes between seasons, so there's no waiting, I suppose.

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