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Window Of Opportunity

Empresario is at the site, discussing the window space. A highly caffeinated Marilu seems to have trouble making herself clear to their construction guy, and everyone notices. No one more so than Omarosa, who gave her this job in the first place.

But when Hydra gets to their space, things seem to go more smoothly. Lennox interviews about the importance of Cleopatra to their whole thing. Alas, this does will not turn out to foreshadow some obstacle involving copyright issues.

Things are still progressing slowly at Empresario, where they're expecting Stephen back by 6:00 that evening. Marilu describes her vision, which involves a bride entering the living window space with her groom in her Vera Wang gown and then stripping down to her Vera Wang underwear. I seem to remember Miss Alli telling me about a task years ago in which a woman doing part of a task in her underwear ended up getting fired, so I would probably advise them against that. It seems a bit much for everyone else on the team as well. Omarosa decides to "hone in" Marilu's "energy, which seems to mean "tell Marilu to shut up." And then she turns to Nely to step in to take over Marilu's job. Marilu interviews that Omarosa will stab you in the back if your not careful, then adds, "The front, the side, the temples, whichever way she wants." Thanks for that image, Marilu. You can just rock me to sleep tonight.

At Hydra, their walls are up for the display window, but they're still finalizing the stuff they'll need to finish it tomorrow morning. Lennox is still deferring all decisions to the group, and the rest of the guys call him on it, saying he's avoiding responsibility for everything in case they lose. But at least they're all laughing about it, which is how you know Stephen and Vinnie are gone.

Stephen returns to Empresario, and starts throwing out his own ideas, even though they're pretty much locked into their vision. And then he refers to himself as "Stevie B.," and I don't care how many churches he speaks at, he's going to Hell for that shit.

Lennox and Tito do some early-morning shopping, because you know how nothing in New York City is ever open late at night. As a result, it's crunch time when they return to the site to help get their Antony and Cleopatra models ready. George arrives and interviews that the rush might hurt them. And they've got five minutes, scrambling around for things like scissors and staple guns. Things are hectic at Empresario too, not least because in their display, Carol and Stephen are going to be appearing as the bride and groom (respectively, I feel compelled to add).

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