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Window Of Opportunity

Once they're gone, Don consults his viceroys. Don, Jr. doesn't have much to say beyond the fact that Empresario lost. Trump can't argue with that. Way to keep that limb from creaking, Don, Jr. George thinks that as a TV producer, Nely should have known that they were blowing it. And out in the lobby, Omarosa tells Marilu and Nely that she did her best. Well, nobody's arguing that.

When the three of them return to the board room, Omarosa says she didn't get the "creative feedback" from Nely that she needed, and Marilu was a liability as a poor communicator. Omarosa calls Marilu a bad listener, and gets rightfully piled on for that. George again criticizes the lack of creativity in Empresario's concept. Omarosa throws Nely under that bus, and Nely's like, "Oh, going uptown?" George questions Nely for not using her strengths, and Trump more than agrees with him. He also thinks that Nely should have been fired before, at least once. Nely protests, saying that Gene Simmons didn't bring her back three weeks ago because he thought she did a good job. And she adds, "You keep bringing it up, and I don't know why you haven't gotten over that." Burn! Omarosa's eyebrows twitch as she realizes she might survive this after all, thanks to Nely's little outburst. Trump still thinks that was a mistake on Gene's part, and Nely points out that she's never been brought back in to the board room before. Which, after all, is the reason she's still on the show. Which Trump now proves. He doesn't care what Nely says; he's had a hard-on to fire her for weeks, and now that he's got his chance, he's doing it. Nely's gone.

He kicks them out, and as they leave, he tells Omarosa to step it up. Omarosa barely turns back to look at him, retreating with her tail between her legs. They leave Trump sitting there scowling and nodding. And Don, Jr. and George look at Trump, not saying a word, but clearly wondering why their side of the table is slowly tipping upwards.

In the limo, Nely says that Trump fired her for pervious failures, and tells us about her charity, Count Me In, which raises money for women entrepreneurs. Nely is on their board, and says she'll continue to raise money for them. With her on their board, they'll need it.

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