A Romantic Gondola Ride

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A Romantic Gondola Ride

House. Sheena gets her date box, and can't figure out the nature of the date; as she unpacks it, Bettina 'etterviews that Sheena is "just young," and not ready for marriage, "or even the idea of it." Well, she's old enough to have mastered matte makeup. Unlike some people. Named "Bettina."

Pool party. Brad grabs some alone time with DeAnna, Bradterviewing that she's a stronger woman than he's been around, generally. They talk about looking forward to seeing each other, blah, and Brad wants to kiss her, but he can't because the other three are watching, so he has to walk off the boner.

Then Brad invites Jenni for some alone time; the others discuss whether Brad and Jenni will kiss. Hillary is upset at the possibility. They get in the hammock and make out (aw), and a Jethro Tull-y flute tweetles ominously as Hillary deludenoids that Brad can't express his feelings for her right now because he's "jumbled up in his head" with all the other girls, and she starts to get teary in her 'etterview talking about how he can become her best friend and her lover and her husband and why is it Jenni and not her and oh, Hillary.

Bradterview: It's getting tense, but "I have to push through it, because the end result will be so positive." It's not a set of leg lifts, dude.

Back from the break. Brad VO: The date is a series of surprises, wah. Brad picks Sheena up; everyone sits on the couches and smiles through their sulks, except Jenni, who as usual is unruffled. In the limo, Sheena asks for a hint about the date, but Brad refuses, and she giggles. I like her. I don't see a ton of chemistry between her and Brad, and I think she would look better with her hair bobbed short, but she seems sweet and not fake.

First mystery stop: the foyer of a mansion, where Sheena gets to pick from six formal dresses arranged on dress forms (or, as Brad refers to them in his customary dad-ly style, "gowns"). She cracks a joke about saving the white dress for later, and it actually goes over. Then, descending the stairs, she falls down the last few, which I have totally done myself -- cheers, Sheena! Then it's time for a romantic dinner on the lanai, surrounded by white and beige balloons, and then she gets some diamond earrings, which she dutifully product-places. Sheena VO: I want to kiss Brad.

Coming up: DeAnna gets her kiss, two 'ettes go home, "and it's the most shocking goodbye ever...when Hillary loses her mind." Chris Harrison, you come sit by me this instant.

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