A Romantic Gondola Ride

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A Romantic Gondola Ride

Hillary 'etterviews happily that other girls might see them as just friends, but she feels more than that and she can see that he does too. Over footage of him hugging her with one arm as she beams cluelessly, Hillary VOs that she loves her dress, and she hopes it reminds him of a wedding dress and how pretty she'll look in one. And then she giggles saucily. God, this is awful.

Chris kicks off the Rose Ceremony: six 'ettes, four roses. Bradterview: It's a different mood tonight; I'm sad.

Rose Ceremony. The rose-ipients get to take Brad to meet the fam. Chris leaves; Brad gives a speech about starting his own family and embracing theirs, this is difficult, blah.

DeAnna gets the first rose. Jenni looks smug. Sheena looks tense.

Jenni gets the next rose. Kristy smoothes her hair; I think she knows the game is up. Shot of Hillary looking irritated that Brad is making her wait so long.

Sheena gets the next rose. Shot of Hillary with a "sweet, I'm next" face on. Kristy steels herself to not be picked. Chris comes in. One rose left. Chris leaves. Shot of Bettina trying to look sultry. Shot of Kristy. Shot of Hillary, maybe starting to realize that she's not a lock.

The last rose goes, unsurprisingly, to Bettina, which is sick-making. Cut immediately to Hillary looking up and around, trying to work the meniscus so the tears don't fall. Next to her, her face buried in her rose, Jenni reaches over and rubs Hillary's back. Hillary makes a series of rubbery "can you believe me, crying? OH GOD SHOOT ME" faces and struggles to maintain. Chris comes in to tell Hillary and Kristy to pack it up. Jenni gives Hillary a big hug. Kristy says goodbye to Brad, and doesn't seem that bent about it; in the corner of the room, the others try to help Hillary pull it together, fanning her face to dry it off (aw), and then she comes over to Brad and hugs him too tightly and rocks him too much and holds on too long, and she has her eyes closed, and for a second I think he's going to have to peel her off, but she then makes her abrupt escape.

Out in the courtyard, it's all the scenes from the previews -- she can't breathe, "this sucks," and so on. It would have played much more dramatically if we hadn't seen almost the whole sequence already, but what can you do. Tellingly, one of the shots shows that her dress isn't zipped all the way up in back, so it's definitely too tight, and she's probably had a snootful of wine, which never helps matters. In an 'etterview, she's hiccupping that she doesn't understand what happened as a PA runs through the back of the shot.

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