A Romantic Gondola Ride

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A Romantic Gondola Ride

Inside, the remaining four stand awkwardly, staring into the middle distance. Brad paces.

Hillary doesn't understand how Brad can say he's so genuine, and that he's the most comfortable with her, and yet she's "standing outside here now," she doesn't get it.

Inside. Hillary's ranting is audible in the R.C. room. Brad excuses himself to go deal with her.

Hillary is in love with Brad, now she has nothing, she's sobbing into her hands, mascara is everywhere. Brad comes out to comfort her and ask if she's okay, and she clings to him as he tells her, "Talk to me, please." I understand why he went out there, or was sent out there, but it was probably the kinder thing to let her get mad at him; it's undeserved, but to get faintly condescending sympathy from the guy you just found out doesn't like you Like That burns even worse. Anyway, she cries that she doesn't understand. He explains that meeting her family is too big a step if they "are too good of friends, instead of anything else." Hillary wails that she's falling for him, and she wanted him to meet her family, and she can't force him to feel it if he doesn't, but she felt it from day one. He gives her the expected platitudes about thinking she's one in a million, and he's so sorry. Then he hugs her once more and goes back inside.

Hillary sniffles that "it just sucks to be known as 'the friend.'" Well, what really sucks is to be the last one to figure that situation out, but: listen to what you're being told next time, babe. Seriously.

Inside, a toast to meeting the families.

Hillary wanted to bring Brad home and have her dad shake his hand. "I wanted my dad to be proud of me!"


Next time: family fun! Sheena's mom is nuts. Bettina's family hates Brad -- and it looks like Brad might start to hate Bettina. Excellent.

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