A Trip to Barbados

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Chris apparently gave Matt an envelope. Shayne opens it, and it says if they forego the individual rooms, they can spend the night together in the fantasy suite, the key to which is enclosed in the envelope. I hate to tell Chris that they can keep their individual rooms but still spend the night together. "It's completely up to you," says Matt. There's no way he didn't know ahead of time what that note said (or is this what usually happens at this point in a season of The Bachelor?). She giggles, and then says yes. In a talking-head, Shayne says for the eightieth time that she's falling in love with Matt. More poolside canoodling, and Matt says the only thing that keeps this from being perfect is that he has to do this with two other women. Make sure you open with that on your dates with Amanda and Chelsea, dude. Also, I'm not sure what's preventing him from just asking Shayne to marry him right there and bagging on the other two dates, if he really feels how he says he does.

Matt was glad he had a "brilliant" day with Shayne. But now it's Amanda's turn, and he can't wait to see her, and she's stunning, and blah blah blah. Amanda says she constantly thinks about him all the time. She says he's the one she's been waiting for, and she doesn't think she'll ever meet someone like Matt again. Well, if she's lucky.

They're going zip-lining. Amanda is scared enough to get the hiccups, but she figures that impressing the man dating two other women is more important than her own personal comfort zone. Once she gets going though, she seems to get into it, and really seems to enjoy herself. Matt keeps calling her "honey."

Amanda figures that now, after she's one of three who have been whittled down from dozens, and she's all the way in Barbados, it's time to start opening up with Matt. Doesn't she say this every week?

They have dinner on the beach, and Amanda babbles about how hard a time she has opening up. I mean, she keeps going on and on. I don't know if she's even stopping to breathe. Matt asks some incomprehensible question about whether she had or didn't have feelings for other boyfriends that they have for each other. I have no idea what they're talking about. They might as well sound like adults on a Peanuts cartoon for how much sense they're making. More blather about "feeling" and "being with you" and then they kiss. "I love being with you. I really really do," says Matt. Overemphasize that a little more, why don't you.

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