After the Final Rose Pt. 1

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Don't Let the Bastard Grind You Down
After the Final Rose: It's six weeks later. "A lot has happened," Harrison tells us.

Normally on this show, we would talk to the happy couple and "celebrate their journey to love," he says, but there's no audience here, because what's happened is so "dramatic" and so potentially "emotionally difficult" that they wanted to make things as intimate as possible. As intimate as it can possibly be in front of television cameras recording you for millions of people to watch.

So he brings Jason out to talk to him. "How you been doing?" he asks. "It's been a crazy time," says Jason, reluctantly. Harrison asks him what's on his mind.

He says Melissa is incredible, sweet and beautiful, and everybody's been watching... He seems to be struggling. "And I've lived it. Since this all ended, things have been different. We're not right for each other." Harrison sits there, silent, letting Jason say everything. He says they've gone on trips and spent holidays together, but the chemistry's been completely different. He says he's done a lot of soul-searching, but it's completely different.

"What does she know?" asks Chris. She knows things feel completely different for me, says Jason. He says that over the last few weeks he hasn't been able to stop thinking about Molly. "I'm doing all I can to make this work with Melissa, but I can't control how I'm feeling," he says.

He says he keeps playing the moment over and over again when he let Molly go, and how it was like a piece of him was gone. Yeah, it sure looked like that when you proposed to Melissa, jerk. "So you're telling me you're still in love with Molly," says Harrison. Jason nods. He hasn't talked to Molly at all, because Melissa deserved that chance, and he tried to make it work.

Harrison says he knows Jason well enough to know that he's a good guy and hates this situation that he's in. Jason says he needs to talk to Melissa first and give her a chance to be mad and hate him and all that. Oh, don't worry about that. You didn't propose to me or dump me, and I'm angry at you.

"What are you telling me, are you going to end this tonight?" says Harrison, like he doesn't already know, like that isn't the reason there's no audience. Jason says he has to. He talks about how important it is to not have regrets, and how you can't worry about what people think or how they're going to judge, but you have to do what's right for you. And perhaps because he realizes how that makes him sound like an asshole, he adds, "and for people around you." Harrison asks what he's going to say to Molly, and Jason says Molly deserves to be angry with him too. I hope she tells him to bugger off, is what I hope.

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