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Rose Before Hos

And now it's the one-hour payoff of broken hearts and spilled tears, also known as After the Final Rose! Chris Harrison comes out to tell us that Ben proposed to the woman that millions of people hoped he wouldn't, which I think overstates how much people actually do care. And then he hilariously asks the audience in the studio (and at home) to withhold their judgments and to let everyone involved speak openly. Not gonna happen!

Ben comes out, and Chris Harrison says, "Congratulations!" for the beautiful proposal, and that Ben fell in love with this woman, and Ben says, "I'm still in love with this woman."

< p>And now Harrison is talking about how Courtney has admitted to regretting her behavior, and asks Ben -- who STILL hasn't fucking shaved -- if he's in love with the woman who was on television, and Ben says the woman he saw on television isn't the Courtney he knew, even though he now says there were things about her that he was noticing towards the end that made him wince, like Courtney skipping away from rose ceremonies or whatever.

"Were you ever embarrassed of her and maybe embarrassed of yourself for what happened?" asks Harrison, and anytime someone asks that question of someone involved with this show, the answer should always be "Yes." Ben says he wasn't led astray by some temptress, but then admits that while the show was airing, and the negativity that surrounded it, they essentially broke off the engagement and didn't speak for several weeks, and he talks about how they didn't want to surround something that "was so pure in that moment" with all the negativity and bullshit or whatever.

And apparently there are photos of Ben with another woman, and Chris asks what that's about, and Ben denies kissing any of the women in the photos, and whether it's true or now, sullying his dead father's name to swear on his dead feather's grave on this show seems like a terrible idea. I've also been told that Ben is a lying scumbag, which I'm willing to believe.

And then Ben is saying that when photos of Ben came out, Courtney decided to go try on wedding dresses to divert attention, or something. "You guys clearly are very weird," says Harrison. I guess he can't really use the word "idiots."

Commercial break, and then Ben's gone and Courtney comes on, looking ... quite stunning, actually. There's not much applause, and quite a lot of booing, and several shots of woman staring disapprovingly at the person who is, naturally, always to blame when things aren't working out in a relationship: the woman. Harrison notes the boos and Courtney thinks it's disappointing and heartbreaking that everyone isn't behind her, or them, or some such self-centered nonsense. "This is supposed to be a story about love and finding love, and it's spoiled," she said. Look, if people wanted a story about love, they wouldn't watch The Bachelor, all right?

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