After The Final Rose

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After The Final Rose

Back in the studio, Jenni admits that it's hard to watch, and says she "was being for real" in that moment, which she's proud of -- but it's tough to see since it didn't work out. Chris: You told him you loved him…aaaaand then he rejected you. Jenni's like, yeah, didn't need the refresher, but she's laughing; she says she had to put it out there, because if she hadn't and Brad had sent her home anyway, she'd wonder why she hadn't just said it. Still, it sucked to take the risk and not have it pay off. "Do you feel like he misled you?" Chris asks. Jenni says that certain "little things" Brad said "kind of got [her] hopes up a little bit," but she doesn't seem that angry. Then it comes out that, until she saw the episode last night, Jenni assumed Brad had picked DeAnna, and she felt "so disappointed" when she saw Brad tell DeAnna that he'd sent Jenni home, and DeAnna got all psyched, and then...badness. How did Jenni feel about Brad after that? She doesn't understand why Brad couldn't have pursued something, even if he didn't want to propose -- talking on the phone, going to the movies, giving it more of a chance. I suspect the producers didn't give him that option, but even if Brad had had the choice to do that, one of the folks on the forums made the point that Brad is 34, and by that age, you've had enough relationships, and you've had enough of them fail, and you've gone down the road of "giving it a shot" enough times despite knowing better on some gut level, that if you know it's not happening, you don't want to spend the time treading water.

Chris asks Jenni if she thinks Brad was afraid, and she basically thinks Brad's expectations for true love aren't realistic, that you have to find someone you really like hanging out with and then work on it from there. This is not untrue, but I don't think the problem is that Brad doesn't think Jenni (or DeAnna) is perfect; it's that he doesn't think either of them is right for him long-term, which is a different issue. DeAnna is perfect for him on paper, he said so a hundred times, but…we don't live on paper. Chris asks if Jenni lost respect for Brad; she sort of did, because he wouldn't give either of them a chance, and she points out in that same vein that "there's more to" every girl in the house "than what he got to see." She probably means that he can't really know for sure who's right for him and who's not, based on the ginned-up circumstances the show puts them all in. Again, not untrue, but more the fault of the process than of Brad -- and if that's the case, why take it personally, then?

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