After The Final Rose

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After The Final Rose

Then Chris changes the subject to the recent death of Jenni's crabby grandmother, and rolls some heretofore-unseen footage of Grandma -- including a segment where Jenni orders Grandma to show up to her wedding and Grandma tells her not to count on it. …Eesh. PiP Jenni is sad, but laughs at Grandma's antics. The audience "awww"s its sympathy, and all of you who dissed Grandma on the forums are going to hell now.

Just kidding.

Commercials, and then it's DeAnna's turn to vent to Chris. She's wearing a black satin sweatshirt-dress thing straight out of the Xanadu costume closet, and matching nail polish. Chris asks what happened. DeAnna doesn't know; she expected to fall in love, she did fall in love, and she's still confused. Chris reminds her that she expected a proposal, especially after learning Jenni had gone home roseless, but then…and he rolls the footage. At the part where Brad is about to take his little freak-out stroll around the garden, PiP DeAnna is full-on Ferdinand-the-Bull glaring at the in-studio screen. Despite having seen it a mere 24 hours ago, we have to sit through the entire sequence again.

Back in the studio, Chris prompts DeAnna that she told Brad she loved him, but he couldn't say the same to her. DeAnna asks how Chris would feel if someone told him she didn't love him. …Bad. He'd feel bad. You live long enough, though, that's going to happen. It's happened to me. It's happened to almost everyone reading this. It sucks, but it doesn't kill you. The difference is that it didn't happen to me on national television, and DeAnna is perhaps confusing humiliation, and the resulting anger, with genuine feelings of heartbreak. DeAnna goes on that she put her feelings on the line, and then it felt like she got stabbed in the heart. When Brad walked away during the Rose Ceremony, what went through DeAnna's mind? She felt relieved when Brad said he'd sent Jenni home -- but when he "got nervous and had to walk away" from her, she knew he'd be sending her home too. Chris says he sees sadness from DeAnna, "but also a little anger." She agrees that she's angry, "because it's so confusing," and because it's so hard for her to share her emotions that way. When Chris asks if she still has those feelings for Brad, she says she does. She doesn't understand how Brad could say he cared for her and then still let her go; she doesn't understand how he didn't pick either of them. I…really? You actually don't understand that? You don't get that, in the first instance, he can say he cares for you, or he can bluntly tell you some shit about yourself you don't want to hear -- you kiss funny, or you seem like you have unresolved mommy issues happening, or you don't have a sense of humor? Do you want to hear that, even if it's the truth? No, you don't. You think you do; you think you want an answer. But sometimes there just isn't an answer; other times there is, but it's an answer that's just going to make you feel shitty about yourself, and for no purpose.

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