After The Final Rose

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After The Final Rose

Then Chris asks if Brad has started dating again, and Brad is maybe a bit too quick to say no. Chris mentions rumors about it -- and I just read the one today about Brad going back to his ex -- but Brad says he's heard every possible rumor about himself, that he's dating his ex, that he's gay, that he has a love child, but he swears up and down he hasn't so much as had coffee with anyone since taping ended. Protesting too much, I think.

It's time for Jenni to come back out to the stage. Brad gives her a big hug, whereas she's sort of patting him all "all right, that'll do"; he whispers that he's sorry about her grandma. Aw. After some awkwardness, Chris reminds us that Jenni hasn't seen or spoken to Brad since leaving in the limo; what does she want to know? Brad said a lot of things that got her, and DeAnna's, hopes up, and Jenni wonders why he wouldn't at least take a chance on one of them? Brad thinks that's misleading, and Jenni gets a look on her face like, "You mean besides the other misleading you did?" as Brad says, basically, that he doesn't feel comfortable dating them both at once. He goes on that, when he was with one, he was thinking about the other, and about how unfair that was to them both; he said that in the previous episode, and I don't think it's all that scandalous, but a couple women in the audience shake their heads disapprovingly. Jenni tells him he doesn't have to propose to take a chance -- on one of them, even, not necessarily both. She says again that she's "disappointed" by how it went down with DeAnna, which I still don't get, quite -- if he didn't pick Jenni, how does it make a difference that he didn't pick DeAnna either? It doesn't mean he would go back and pick Jenni on a do-over. Jenni has lost some respect for Brad because she doesn't know why he "said those things" to them. Well, okay, he didn't tell the unstinting truth, but he couldn't have; it's not how The Bachelor works. I think Brad said those things because he really wanted them to be true, and I think he tried to make them true as best he could.

Brad says he's not saying he didn't feel anything; he felt something, but for both of them, and if he felt something for both of them, then it means he didn't feel enough for either one of them. The crowd murmurs its displeasure, and Jenni isn't buying it either, saying that if one person caught her attention more than another, she wouldn't let that person get away. "Okay, and that's you," Brad says agreeably, and adds that it's hard for him to explain why, but he "just didn't see anything" that would work in the longer term -- and he went on the show to find a long-term relationship. Jenni thinks he didn't give either situation enough of a chance, Brad thinks he showed the women respect by not pretending they had a chance -- it goes on like this for a while, but it's just a difference in style. I can see Jenni's argument; I can see thinking Brad handled things poorly, or should have found a middle ground between "let's get married" and "let's get you into this limo and out of my face." To my mind, he did the right thing, but I'm like Brad that way; I don't like that sort of ambiguity, I find it exhausting. Jenni thinks maybe Brad is scared to commit, and wonders, if that's not it, why he hasn't found that special someone yet, and Brad regards her with a patient "I can't make you understand, so…okay then" look. Chris thanks her for coming.

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