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And You Can Tell Everybody This Is Your Song (But You Probably Won’t)

Then Melissa's prattling on to Megan, and there's Shannon whining about how tough this is, and there's Shannon stalking Jason, and there's Megan telling the women (via the cameraman) to "man up." She says she was having a great time. "I was, like, in love with kissing him." And also the sound of her own voice, don't forget.

Megan sits down for some one-on-one time with Jason, and she makes fun of the other women complaining about how hard this is. "We're on a rooftop. This is beautiful." Jason tells her that she's "such a great person," which she must be used to, and she kind of pouts around looking for a kiss, but she doesn't get it.

Lauren now, who says she's just being herself when she orders Jason to get rid of other women. "I think he likes being bossed around. Some people like to be dominated." They sit and chat and she basically orders him to give her a rose. She's a little drunk. In an interview, she says she doesn't think the girl who cries should get the rose, but the one who's blunt and honest. I don't understand people who think saying awful things is OK because they're being open and honest. If you're shallow, stupid or racist, for example, is honesty really the best policy? "If he gives the rose to anyone but me, I will be pissed," she says. By which she means angry, not drunk. Although she'll probably be both.

"Usually, wrap parties are a blast," says Jason. Well, he would know! Now it's time to talk to Melissa, who needs a hug because she's crying so much. "Today proved to me that I really do care about you," she says. "Apparently I've fallen for you," she says. And they make out. "I've only been unlucky in love," she says in an interview. Aw. Despite the crying, I like Melissa.

Shannon? Not so much. She creepily sneaks up on Jason and Melissa to say that whenever he's done she needs to talk to him.

Eventually, when they settle down to talk, Shannon talks about difficult this is, even though all her friends and family told her that she had the best personality for this show and was going to do great. Then she talks about how she's frozen up and put up this wall. Hee! I always love it when a woman on this show THROWS herself at the bachelor, and when he's not into her she starts blaming herself and the "walls" she put up. "I'm not letting you let me go," she says, and babbles for half an hour, and Jason has a look on his face like he's wondering who farted. This show's not even going to pretend that Shannon's sticking around, because in his next interview, Jason says he just felt "sad" listening to Shannon. While sitting with her, though, he does his best to put her at ease. She goes in for a kiss and gets a perfunctory smack, and despite her best come-hither eyes-closed head tilt, that's all she's getting. "I feel like he kind of rejected my kiss," she says in an interview. It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again, Shannon.

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