Brad And A Date Enjoy Catalina Island

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"The Life Aquatic with Brad Womack"

"Taking these women to see Dr. Drew is the best idea I could have had," Brad tells us, which is true, because he has only had two other ideas in his lifetime, and both of those other ideas were "I should go on The Bachelor." Anyway, he thinks it was a great idea because now the other women are even more into him. And despite the fact that for the past three episodes he has endlessly talked about how he knows how important it is to open up, and he's been in therapy, he spends half-an-hour with Dr. Drew and we're being told that he is REALLY opening up, which begs the question of whether anybody wants this big lunkhead to open up more?

So now Alli is sitting down to talk to Brad, and Ashley S. comes over and wants to steal Brad, and Alli resists since they just sat down, but Ashley S. insists, and she acts like a big baby and wants Alli to hug her, in that "I'm doing something mean but I can't stand for you to justifiably be mad about it" way and tries to hug Alli like they are actually friends. Then Ashley S. sits down and says something inane like, "I just need to make sure you're, I don't know, still into me, I guess."

And now the women are all getting angry with each other, and it's starting to look like that part in 2001 where all the apes go crazy in front of that monolith. "Dr. Drew really opened up a can of worms!" Brad tells us. Yeah, a moment ago it was the best idea you ever had. Now that things are going to shit, it's all Dr. Drew's fault.

Back at the house, another date card has arrived, and Emily reads the "Let's hang out together" part of the card without reading who it's for first, and then says it's for Michelle. The skin around Michelle's mouth cracks as she smiles for the first time ever. At least until Chantal points out that her card didn't use the word "love" like all the others did. "Love hurts," "How deep is your love," etc. and now Michelle is fretting about that.

Back on the group date, the women have nothing better to do than talk about the stress of trying to get some alone time with Brad, and in the absence of Michelle, Ashley H. gets to be the crazy one who no one can stand. "Dealing with Ashley H. is exhausting," Jackie tells us. Plenty of footage provided as evidence.

And now Brad is sitting with a woman who has heart earrings and I think this is the person from the radio station who I didn't recognize, and she tells him that she has a crush on him, and now they are making out. Like he did with Chantal last night. Not that he cheats.

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