Brad and the Women Travel to Anguilla

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Anguilla = Time Killa

They all rinse off at a pool nearby. Brad overstates the day has been "absolute hell" since Michelle's intense behavior angered the other girls. Chantal and Michelle hit the sidelines so Ashley can have some private time with Brad. She admits she's felt like the kid sister compared to all the other girls in light of Brad's sexual connection with other girls. She wonders why she's there and asks Brad how he feels about her. He tells her his feelings haven't diminished, but she says it's hard to tell sometimes. He feels hurt that she's already putting up her guard for the possibility that he might shut her down. He insists he cares about her and hopes that the other women don't shut him out, too. Because it just wouldn't make for good TV if every single bachelorette weren't actively demoralized.

Brad takes Chantal aside next. She calls him out for being shut off around her. He hems and haws about how group dates are different, then mumbles his way into a trite, "It is what it is." She asks how he feels about meeting his family, and he claims he still cares. He wonders if her feelings have changed. She says she still loves him. He can't resist the validation because what else is there on this dog and pony (more like bitch and nag) show. But he can't fight the feeling that he's in the wrong. "I like to think I'm a pretty decent guy," he says, " and here I am. I've ruffled some feathers today." He says he's never been in this kind of trouble on a date and thinks he might be moving backward.

Michelle finally gets her alone time, and they have a shallow conversation about how easy it is to have deep conversations with each other. He says he thinks they may be too stubborn, too alike. She says she's completely confident that she should still be there. As they chat, the girls watch from below and compare notes. They both felt that Brad was distant on this date and begin to brace themselves for when he gives Michelle rose. Brad brings Michelle back, and Chantal asks for a moment alone. She says she's been putting herself out there, and he's been distant. She wonders what's wrong. He says he saw the girls watch each other insecurely during the photo shoot today and has decided to remain reserved out of respect for everyone's feelings. He interviews that he's worried the two girls who don't get a rose on today's date might shut down and be lost for good.

Brad finishes up with Chantal and takes Ashley aside again. She keeps saying that he's scaring her and that she doesn't want to go home because worries that she may have shown him an unflattering (read: Stage 5 Clinger) side of herself during their conversation earlier. Knowing that she might be losing him, she drapes herself all over him so she won't have to leave Anguilla a lonely old spinster of 26. He asks if he can step aside for a minute, and she whimpers, "Don't send me home!" before desperately clutching his hand. In fact, Brad has stepped away to retrieve the rose to give to Ashley. As he walks back toward her, she runs into his arms and literally jumps on him. He tells her to trust in what they have.

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