Brad Meets The Families

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Brad Meets The Families

Back from the break, Brad's in Canton, GA to meet DeAnna's family. DeAnna has brought Brad a basket of peaches (uch, please), and as they greet each other, Bradterview tells us he loves "the fact that DeAnna doesn't need me," which is maybe not the most elegant way of putting that; nor is the clinically expressed admiration Brad has for DeAnna the most convincingly romantic sentiment I've heard out of him. Just pick Jenni and end this hell, buddy!

…Yeah, no. It's time to meet the DeFamily, almost all of whom are wearing red shirts, which is kind of weird. But, if interpreted in the Star Trek style, kind of excellent also. DeAnna shares that it's the first time she's felt completely proud of who she's bringing home. DeDadda quizzes Brad on whether he's been married before; Brad explains about his parents' divorce and how he takes marriage seriously as a result, and tells DeDadda that he doesn't meet girls like DeAnna too often. DeDadda doesn't know Brad used that line on Jenni's mom already, of course, so he likes the sound of it. During Brad/dad time, Brad asks if DeDadda thinks "this could be real, between your daughter and I." Okay, that hurts my ears ("me," Brad -- object of a preposition) but…well, we'll get into it later. DeDadda says he does, because he sees how DeAnna looks at him. He says he hopes Brad feels the same way, and reminds Brad that she went through a lot, losing her mom; he's really proud "to see how far she's come." Translation: She already had her heart broken, horribly. You do it again and I will cut you. Aw, dads.

Then DeAnna comes out with a photo album and shows Brad some pictures of her mom, and in an 'etterview she says that her mom isn't there physically, but is very much present in her life. Brad seems a bit knocked back by that -- not weirded out, but touched. Respectful.

Upstairs, DeAnna's sister wants to know how DeAnna will handle it if she doesn't get picked. Interesting line of questioning. Not loving the hairstyle on Sis, really; that long hair doesn't suit her face. I know y'all are sick of me telling all and sundry to bob their hair, but just because Jennifer Aniston has hers long and wavy doesn't mean everyone else should. Or that Jennifer Aniston should. Just saying. Anyway, DeAnna answers that she'll "be crushed," and explains why, but it doesn't ring true, quite. Sis says tearily that "no matter what," their mom will watch over her and be proud of her, and so's the rest of the family. Hugs.

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