Brad Meets The Families

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Brad Meets The Families

Anyway, at this juncture, Brad's sort of speechless; he feels blindsided, and he doesn't like feeling judged, or hearing repeatedly how he's not that great "on paper." Bradterview claims to really care about Bettina, so he has to care about her family's opinion. In person, neither of them is talking, probably because this isn't up to them anymore anyway.

Back from commercial to the Rose Ceremony. Brad gives a speech -- meeting the families kicked it up a notch, blah blah. DeAnna gets the first rose. Jenni gets the second rose. With one rose left, Chris…wait, no Chris. I feel all weird now, like something's wrong if Chris doesn't come in to tell us he's down to a single rose. And something's bad wrong, all right, because without delay Brad proffers the final rose to Bettina. He looks like he's doing it through a mouthful of vomit, too. Seconded, my southern friend. We all knew Sheena wouldn't go the distance, and you expect some manipulation because it's The Bachelor, but to make Brad eat shit from Prof. Browne over a woman he doesn't even like? At least try to make it look real, show, my God.

Sheena is shocked. Chris finally comes out to boot Sheena formally; big hugs all around, and Brad walks her outside for the wrap-up. It boils down to "I'm not the guy," and Sheena's held it together for the past few minutes, but at this point, she loses it -- rightly, because Bettina is a joke. A limp-haired, bitchy, boring joke with daddy issues.

Bradterview: The chemistry wasn't there.

More sad hugs.

Bradterview: It's hard to break their hearts, especially when it's the producers' idea. (That last part may have been silent.)

In the limo, Sheena is sad; she was falling in love with Brad, but he "didn't feel what I felt." Well, he might have. He just let them boss him into keeping Bettina.

Next week: Fantasy suites in Cabo. Shudder.

Over the credits, Jenni's Grandma is a hard-ass some more. She's from 1913, but she rules.

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