Brad Takes One On A Helicopter Ride

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Brad Takes One On A Helicopter Ride

Previously on …Really, Brad? Really?: Brad met 25 women, and narrowed the field down to 12. Jenni opened her heart; Hillary opened her tear ducts, and an economy-sized bottle of Dippity-Doo. Bettina revealed her divorce. Brad's twin brother Chad tested "the ladies" on their powers of perception, then called his parents, informed them that giving your twins rhyming names is unacceptable, and legally changed his name to "Spartacus."

Okay, that didn't happen. What actually happened: three more women went home, so tonight, it's nine women fighting for six roses.

Chris needs to apologize to the wardrobe department pronto for whatever he did to offend them, because that shirt is hideous, but from the depths of the brown Probstian monstrosity he's wearing, Chris does manage to inform The Nine about their upcoming dates: one one-on-one, one group date, and one two-on-one, during which one woman will receive a rose, the other her walking papers. He snarks that he'll see "some of you" at the Rose Ceremony later, and takes his leave so the women can open the first date box. Everyone's nervous, and Jade reads the invitation: it's Jenni going on the one-on-one. She's excited; everyone else is pissy. The box contains a toy helicopter, and as Jenni plays with it, Sheena questions Jenni's motivations -- does she love Brad, or the competition?

Cut to a chopper streaking through the clouds, accompanied by intense A-Team-y music. Brad whips his head to the side all, "…Dun!" Easy there, Airwolf. At the house, the girls hear the helicopter coming and run outside, screeching at Gitmo-torture frequencies. The helicopter takes forever to come in for a dramatic landing, and then Brad hops out to greet Jenni, who gives him a big hug; Brad semi-frees one arm to wave awkwardly to the others. Hee. Stephy talks about Brad and Jenni's obvious chemistry. As the others stand on the lawn, trying not to look hateful, Brad says over his headset in the helicopter that he feels bad for them. Jenni's like, "I don't, dude," and starts cackling, which is awesome. Hillary looks fairly pretty, with her hair tied up in a headband '60s style and a blue Grecian top cut down to three in the morning, as she talks about the vibe between Brad and Jenni and how she wanted to barf. A short time later, she cries on Jade's shoulder, worried that Brad is more attracted to Jenni; she stops just short of saying that Jenni is a ho who will steal Brad away with her trampy ways, but is obviously thinking it.

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