Brad Takes One On A Helicopter Ride

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Brad Takes One On A Helicopter Ride

Helicopter. They talk about how they've never done anything like this. The chopper lands on a rooftop, and it's time for a romantic dinner for two. Poor Jenni has to eat and try to seal the deal while perched on a weird Jetsons stool in a tube dress and high heels, and while Brad is telling her he's psyched for their date and hasn't stopped thinking about her all day, she's trying to crank her top back up without drawing attention to it. I feel that. "Really? Because I'm into you too! [heeeeetch] No, I'm good. So what were you saying?" Hee. Anyhoo, she wants the rose, they toast, time for a commercial.

Back to the rooftop date. Brad and Jenni eat gingerly at their cramped space-age two-top in the sky. Jenni 'etterviews that she can't focus on Brad if she's obsessing about the rose. Brad talks to her about all the cool times he's had with her so far. She admits she can't stop thinking about their kiss. God help me, but these two are cute together. …I'm sorry! I have to be happy about something on this show or I'll stick a fork into my keyboard!

Back at the house, DeAnna asks the group who they think is getting the two-on-one date. Stephy mealymouths that she couldn't begin to guess, and McCarten is like, this isn't grade school, have an opinion and voice it, and we get an 'etterview from Jade complaining that DeAnna and McCarten don't speak nicely to people, which is why "nobody" talks to them. Cut back to DeAnna pointing out that everyone has kept their own counsel, but she's given them a chance to talk, and Stephy's like, there's a way to talk to people, and yours isn't it. McCarten sneers that "it would be really boring" if they weren't direct. Jade starts in on how she didn't come there to share, and DeAnna interrupts her and does the cobra-neck and I don't know what she's on about, but when Jade tries to continue, McCarten breaks in, and Jade goes on the rant we've seen dozens of times in previews about how McCarten is always "fucking interrupting" her. DeAnna takes a sarcastic sip of her drink (…I know, but that's what she does) and sarcs, "The floor is yours." Jade pulls a face and says she's done. DeAnna shrugs all, "…Figures." The consensus is apparently that DeAnna is a bitch, but she isn't two-faced, at least, that we've seen, which is more than I could say for some. McCarten.

Jenni VOs about their connection getting stronger; Brad gives her his jacket and says he doesn't want to leave tonight. Snuggles. Smooches. Soundtrack imitating the end of an '80s movie where the nerd gets the hot girl. 'Etterview: Jenni laughs that she feels like Brad is her boyfriend and is going to be cheating on her with the others.

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