Brad Takes One On A Helicopter Ride

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Brad Takes One On A Helicopter Ride

The date. Jade enters and practically jumps on Brad. DeAnna is slightly less clingy. Once the date begins, Brad announces that he's not messing around with the whole find-a-wife thing, and asks each of them how she'd feel about moving to Austin. Jade answers that she's be happy to; DeAnna jumps in before she's done to say the same thing. The rest of the conversation goes much the same way, but it seems edited to make DeAnna look more interrupty than she is -- I don't usually notice shenanigans like that, but it does seem ginned up, a little. DeAnna is forceful, taking the opportunity to tell Brad what she's looking for instead of merely reacting to him, and she talked over Jade at least a few times for sure (and Jade is not happy about it, whinging in VO that she froze up), but she's there to win, so good for her. Possibly less good for her: Brad observing in a doubtful tone, "You seem really independent." Oh, dear. Well, I'll give Brad the benefit of the doubt, but I really hope he isn't all "once you become Mrs. Brad, that is your career," because if you claim to want a woman who's interested in you and not your bankroll, you don't get to also be What's With You Having All These Opinions And Shit Guy. Because it's 2007. And yet, this show is still on, WTF. Aaaaaanyway, Jade is freaked out that DeAnna "has the perfect answer for everything," so she's "anxious" to have her one-on-one time with Brad.

She employs this time foolishly, however, by curling up around Brad's arm like a fiddlehead fern despite his non-receptive body language, and by trashing DeAnna in what she thinks is a subtle manner but is really quite obvious. Brad pays her a string of compliments, but they sound canned, even for him, and she continues to over-nestle against him.

Back at the house, the discussion in progress is about the innate weirdness of getting engaged in six weeks' time. Hillary and Jenni say bring it on, which their presence on the show would seem to imply, but Bettina snots, "Do you guys understand what marriage is? I mean, you have no idea of what goes into that kind of relationship." Jenni pulls an "okay, Mom" face; Hillary busts on Bettina for her "hang-ups about marriage," which is kind of awesome, and Bettina is forced to admit that she was married before. Everyone's like, "Oh. …Ohhhh," as Bettina says she "was really young" and not ready, and "it's really foolish" to think you can know someone for a short time and "expect to create this life together." Uh…huh. So…why go on the show, then, Bettina? Circling the perimeter mandated by your ex's restraining order and just happened to stumble into the casting tent, then, did you? Again, I don't think it's any BFD that she's divorced, per se, but if this is an attempted psych-out, it's pathetic, and if it's not, she's a hypocrite. Hillary tells her that if it's right, you just know, which is horseshit of a different scent, and then snarks in an 'etterview that she doesn't think Brad will like it that Bettina's divorced, because he won't want a "used car." You had me, and then you lost me, and you've done that like ten times, Hillary, so please shut up.

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