Brad Takes Six Women To The Circus

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Brad Takes Six Women To The Circus

Previously: Brad was the sexiest Bachelor ever. Solisa was tacky. Brad and Jenni kissed. Three women got the boot.

Tonight: Hillary is a horror show. Bettina got a divorce?! Oh my God, that tramp! …Not really, it's 2007 and no one cares. Also? Chad. Dun!

Oh, hi, Chris. What's up? Two group dates with one rose up for grabs on each? And one individual date? And if you don't get a rose on the individual date, you gots to pack your bags and hit the road? Sweet, thanks for the update.

After Chris bails, McCarten reads the list of names for the first group date, which is a trip to the circus. I happen to pause the DVR on Solisa rubber-facing over-enthusiastically about it, and so many "why bother, when a scary clown already lives among ye" jokes flood my head that I can't choose just one, so I'll just say this: the…circus? Really, The Bachelor? What's the other group date, pony rides and face-painting? A roller-skating party? …Actually, that sounds fun. Anyway, DeAnna and Lindsey talk about how the circus is awesome while the girls try on red foam noses and giant rainbow wigs.

In the limo, Brad warns the group-daters that it's a participation gig. Bradterview tells us that he really wants "to see their inner child [sic] come out." As the limo pulls up to the tent, there is a lot of screeching. Everyone goes "backstage," where an elephant is hanging out, and Sarah says the elephant looks friendly and asks the handler if it's "really outgoing." Yes, Sarah. The elephant is "really outgoing." It also enjoys French films, long walks on the beach, and spicy food -- what are you talking about? She and DeAnna feed the elephant. The elephant sneezes on Sarah. Aw, who's a good elephant? Then everyone heads up to the "luxury box," which looks like a Holiday Inn conference room inadequately dressed with confetti and balloons, but of course everyone oohs and aahs like it's the penthouse suite at the W.

Before the paying customers arrive, the girls do various circus-y things like balance on balls and walk the "high wire" (it's about three feet off the ground). Clowns help. Brad is fakely encouraging. Then clowns team-juggle pins in a sort of double-dutch formation around Brad, who's wearing a Sgt. Pepper jacket, and then around some of the girls. Everyone is having sooooo much fun! Jenni does a series of backflips, which is showoffy, but Brad is impressed, and Bradterviews about how he has great chemistry with Jenni and still gets "really nervous around" her. Aw.

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