Brad Takes Six Women To The Circus

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Brad Takes Six Women To The Circus

Outside, Brad and Jenni talk about their kiss and how neither of them told anyone and it's a big deal to both of them. Jenni asks how he'd feel about doing something long-distance so she can finish out her Suns gig. Then there's a semantics discussion re: the difference between being "the last girl" and the girl Brad falls in love with, and Brad is maybe feeling kind of confused by the cart's position in front of the horse. But Brad VO says he's glad Jenni's thinking long-term; still, he's going to get to know each of the girls.

Snarky cut to Stephy saying she wants to marry someone like her dad. Hee. I mean, it's not creepy -- her reasoning is sound -- but…too soon. Brad is like, "No, that's fine," and pats her leg awkwardly. She segues from that winning topic into saying that she had a three-year relationship -- back in high school. And hasn't dated in five years. Stephy VO: He's swell! Brad's face: …Eesh.

Later, Sarah gauchely quizzes Brad on what he's going to do about the rose. Shut up, Sarah! He puts her off and tells them just to have a good time. Cut to McCarten looking disapproving and sporting a ridiculous tan line. Brad VO: I want the rose-receiver to really want the rose, and also to be the right woman.

Commercials. Brad informs the women that they're not just watching the circus; they're in it, too. Everyone's nervous and excited. A clown is forced to introduce Brad as "the sexiest Bachelor yet" -- after which, I'm sure, said clown ran away to un-join the circus. Brad and the girls come out to the center ring, Bradterview makes an unfortunate Titanic/"king of the world" reference, and Brad introduces the ringmaster; the ringmaster says someone's getting a rose by the end of the show.

Circus. Tumbling. Human pyramids. Clowning. Brad tags McCarten out to get to know her a little better. I hand a bowl of glass through the TV for Brad to eat instead, but for some reason this gesture is ignored; Brad asks if he's getting a friend vibe from McCarten, which she denies, and she gives a little speech about not needing the rose today to feel confident: "I'm not an insecure person." Obviously. Brad deems this "refreshing," but it's hard to say what he means by that -- he could just be relieved to hear that 1) she's not going to try that hard, so 2) he can justifiably neg her when the time comes.

Back at the house, Hillary receives a dress, which evidently means she's going on the individual date later. Hillary? Bitchy, dumb, too-obvious, not-cute Hillary? Did Brad confuse her with someone else? Oh, Brad. Bettina looks ill.

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