Brad Takes Six Women To The Circus

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Brad Takes Six Women To The Circus

Boating date. Bradterview: Hillary's great, but I need to give these other "ladies" a chance. It cracks me up that he always calls them "ladies." I mean, not so much, clearly, but also it's like calling jeans "dungarees." Brad puts on the sailor hat from the date box. Sheena talks about the boat, zzzz.

Boat. Seals. Bettina worries about Brad having a stronger connection with another woman. Kristy and Brad goof off at the wheel and she talks about how the whole situation is throwing her more than she thought it would. Brad puts an arm around her. Bradterview: It's like talking to a friend…a friend with boobies! (He's less tacky about it than that.)

Now everyone's dancing. Brad has his shirt off. Solisa gives Brad a lap dance, which consists mostly of straddling him and then vibrating her butt against his chest. As she admits, "It's the only thing I know how to do." That, and give American Eagle a product placement via that close-up on your bum.

Back at the house, Hillary passive-aggressives, "Raise your hands if you wanted me to come back last night." Oh, please. You got the rose; don't expect everyone to love you, too. A few of the others raise their hands. Hillary 'etterviews that DeAnna and a couple others are catty bitches, so she's going to tell them she and Brad Did It. They're like, yeah right. She keeps "joking" around about it, and they're like, har har, and it's needy and rude and a shitty read of the room and I'm back to hating her again.

Boating date. Jet-skiing. Sheena decides to show Brad the competitive side of her, which is a questionable decision, not least because the Coast Guard comes over and yells at them for horsing around. Sheena sulks in the back of the boat.

Bettina: We have sparks. She uses the word "turn-on," ew. Jade makes a bitchy comment about Brad doing a donut and throwing Bettina off the jet-ski, then claims it's nothing personal: "All's fair in love and war." Bettinaview: "That's where I fell in love, was on a Waverunner." Jesus. Yeah, he's cute, but: throttle down, missy.

Inside, Brad and Bettina have some quiet time. Brad likes her "windblown look." He's attracted to her and she's sweet, but he wants to make sure it's real. Bettinaview: Family is important to Brad, and "he doesn't believe in divorce." I don't think he's ever said that; nobody is psyched about divorce, obviously, but let's not make it out like you did time or are actually a dude. Brad asks about boyfriends, and after so much stammering and fidgeting that I start to think maybe she is going to whip out a Betti-nis, she admits to the divorce. Brad is shocked, both in person and in a Bradterview, probably because she made such a BFD about it.

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