Brad Takes Six Women To The Circus

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Brad Takes Six Women To The Circus

Hey, Chris. Could you maybe tell me how many roses are le-- oh, just one. Thanks for the tip. Final rose goes to…Bettina. Oh, good.

Out: Sarah, who has "no idea what went wrong," but senses it's "the twin thing." Solisa, who's weepy and says the phrase "special parts" way too many times. Lindsey, who I kind of liked. "I'm not gonna sit there and cry over something that was not there," she says, bows her head, and walks off camera…to cry. The camera meanly follows her, giving her the opportunity to wax overinvested about having a house and kids and loving "someone," blah blah.

Inside, Brad toasts to happiness.

Next time: more smooching with Jenni, Hillary is bitter, Kristy cries, and it's a rose face-off between Jade and DeAnna.

Poolside outtakes with Hillary and Jade, who call McCarten "McNasty" (co-signed!) and DeAnna "McSkanky" (um, have ya met Solisa? Or…yourselves?). Hillary jus' jellus, y'all.

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