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For the next part of the date, Aaron and Helene are going to sit around and watch a slide show. This is a date? I think I'd rather dress up like Cinderella rather than watch slides on a date. Even worse, these are slides of Aaron and Helene as kids. God, how dull. Helene whines that she doesn't want to look at slides of herself. Well, then you shouldn't have given them to the show, should you? They sit on a couch and look at the pictures. We see the obligatory naked-baby-in-the-tub shot of Aaron. Helene as a little girl dressed up for Halloween. Helene in a frilly dress. Helene as prom queen. Young Aaron sitting on the toilet. Can we get Aaron out of the bathroom, please? After seeing The Ring, I already have enough sources for nightmares to last the next few weeks. Helene as a girl, dressed up like a bride. Yikes. Aaron as a total geek at a piano recital. He had the thick glasses and plaid jacket and everything. Wow. Helene as a cheerleader.

After the show, Helene jokes that they both looked like morons. She tells us that the slide show was "definitely a surprise." Yeah, right. Wherever did those photos come from? She says the photos got them talking about their pasts. They lounge about on some doublewide deck chaise. Aaron asks Helene if she thinks she's been more open than he has. Helene doesn't think Aaron's been very open at all. At least somebody finally noticed. He says it's tough because he likes Helene and doesn't want to "mislead" her. How would being open with her mislead her? He's getting into trouble because he's not telling these women how he feels about them. He's so obsessed with not getting caught in a direct lie that he's not saying anything at all. He says that he knows what he's thinking and feeling, but that it's hard for him to say it to Helene, because he's afraid that something might change and that eventually Helene will call him a liar. See? So he's not going to let these women know what he really thinks of them, so they can't call him out on it later. That's a brilliant strategy! Maybe Aaron shouldn't be so quick to dismiss women like Christi and Heather, who declare their love for him nearly instantaneously. They don't even care how he feels about them as long as they get the ring and the picket fence. Helene practically rolls her eyes at Aaron at this explanation, then tells us what Aaron just said about not wanting to have to retract his feelings. Heather shows that she is indeed a trained psychologist when she tells us that Aaron's behavior threw up a few "red flags."

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