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What, No Dowries?

Angela brings Aaron home to meet her parents and siblings. Angela's mom looks like a man. I'm just saying. How hysterical would it be if one of these families had a real "non-traditional" family? Brooke's doesn't count. I mean single parents, or gay parents, or just something besides these Rockwell nuclear families. I'd love it if one of these women grew up in a hippie commune in the middle of the desert or something. ["I'm sure those women got screened out long ago." -- Wing Chun] The family sits around in the living room and chats. Somehow, the focus of discussion becomes Angela's inability to balance her checkbooks. Yeah, this family's taking this all seriously. It's like everybody can tell that there's no interest here. I think Angela knows as well, but she's in this defensive, self-denial phase.

Another family barbecue. Inside, Angela's sister asks her what she likes about Aaron. Angela immediately asks, defensively, "Why?" Sis just wants to know and asks again. Angela responds, "I don't know. He's just a really good guy." I hear wedding bells -- don't you? Angela tells us that she doesn't normally bring guys home to the family and that it was all a little nerve-wracking. See 'N Say Aaron tells us that he had planned to meet Angela's family and tell them all about himself so that they can get to know who he is.

But it turns out that Angela's family doesn't care. At all. Aaron is the "and guest" at this family dinner. Dad talks with Sis about soccer tournaments or something to find out if Angela's going to make it out to any of them. Aaron points out to us that the family was having a good time talking amongst themselves, but that nobody seemed to care much about him. God willing, the entire universe will return to this state of Buerge apathy in a month or so. Finally, Angela's brother asks Aaron what he likes about Angela. Aaron gives some non-answer about finding women who are close to their families. I don't think Aaron could be any less interested in Angela if she were Joan Rivers. Dad interrupts to point out again that Aaron would be great helping Angela balance her checkbook. He's the bank's vice-president. They're not so much with the spreadsheets. I wouldn't go asking the CEO of Boeing to build me a jet.

So after that boring gathering, Angela and Aaron say their goodbyes. See 'N Say Aaron lies that he looks forward to getting to know Angela in the future. He says that the next rose ceremony is going to be hard. Lies! Lies! Angela and Aaron head out to the limo. Angela tells us that she hopes Aaron gives her a rose at the next ceremony. She says it was hard to bring Aaron home to her family, but that it turned out great. I wonder what the scenario would have looked like if things had gone badly. Aaron hugs Angela goodbye. There is no kissing.

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