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What, No Dowries?

Helene and Aaron drive around in the limo, as Helene excitedly points things out. Aaron tells us that Helene is excited to be home. It turns out that Helene doesn't actually live in Philadelphia at all, but across the river in Gloucester City, New Jersey. Aaron says it makes him feel good to see Helene excited about coming home. Obviously, the producers or whoever are just telling Aaron to say something so they can use it as narration. It doesn't matter if it's obvious or stupid. It's probably cheaper than paying Chris to say stuff.

Helene shows Aaron around the edge of the river, so that the cameras can get pretty water shots. Aaron asks her what she thinks her parents are thinking about this. We'll find out if the two of you quit blathering on and go meet them already. Jeez. Helene says she doesn't know. Well, go find out! You're wasting time. See 'N Say Aaron says that things are starting to get serious. Yes, we know! Do I have to drive the two of them over myself? Let's get moving, already. Oh-so-suave Aaron tells Helene, "Just, it's not like, just, like, every day, that I'm gonna get to meet, you know, people like yourself, I mean, you know, going to a restaurant or out like this, you know. You got a lot going for you. A lot." Why, that velvet-tongued devil! They kiss. Helene and Aaron tell each other that they missed each other.

Finally, Helene and Aaron get back into the limo to go visit Helene's family. Aaron explains to us that they got back into the limo to go visit Helene's family. In the limo, Aaron compliments Helene's very boring outfit -- a black, sleeveless shirt and khakis. I imagine the pants highlighted Helene's ass for Aaron to gawk at. She accuses him of "laying it on a little thick." How is a bland compliment about clothes "laying it on a little thick"? Ah, I see. Helene wonders out loud if Aaron is giving similar comments to the other women, and if he's really serious about his feelings for her. Aaron stares at the window of the limo, wondering if the vehicle's moving slowly enough for him to jump out and run away without getting hurt. Aaron says that he is taking it seriously, and that Helene will just have to trust him. Helene says that she can't trust him yet. I think Helene's right to a certain extent, but her passive-aggressive approach to wringing answers out of Aaron, and her fake laughs, annoy me to no end. See 'N Say Aaron tells us that, of the ladies left, Helene is the "most difficult" and presents the "biggest challenge." He says she always has the tough questions for him. She does, but you never answer them anyway, so what's the big deal? Aaron tells us that if her family's like Helene, it's going to be a "rough day."

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