Group Dates: Fashion Show/Las Vegas

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Group Dates: Fashion Show/Las Vegas

Chris welcomes the surviving women and congratulates them for being chosen out of thousands of women to date the Bachelor, as though this is some sort of accomplishment. He tells them there will be two group dates this week.

Holly reads a note in a box that Ashlee, Kristine, Marshana, Noelle, Michelle, Amanda, and Erin H. are going to a fashion show. They're going to some place called "Smashbox Studios." When they arrive, Matt tells them they're not here to see a show; the women are the show.

Marshana talks about how she does pageants and her philosophy is to "stomp it out" and send the other girl home. Matt says he has a rose to give out, but it's not about "who the hottest" is, but who really "goes for it." Which is fortunate, lest we give the impression this is all about looks. We skip the part where Matt gets a doctor to measure the women's hips for child-bearing suitability.

So the women strut their stuff. I'm not going to get into who does what and who's wearing what because it's such a waste of time. Plus I'm really not sure yet who everyone is. Ashlee pulls Matt up onto the catwalk, Marshana struts up and down the catwalk like she owns the place, and Amanda pulls her shirt off to show off her gold bikini top underneath. Matt says they blew him away. At least, I'm pretty sure he said "away."

Now the women are heading to a penthouse suite so he'll have a chance to speak to the women. Marshana says it's been a wonderful date, and she knows it'll only get better. Better than competing with seven other women for one man's attention (with seven more waiting in the wings)? How is that even possible? Marshana snags Matt and asks him about his feelings on interracial dating, and if he's ever done it. Matt says it's never even come into his head, and maybe things are different in the U.K. Yeah, no racists in the U.K. Matt's about half a step from pretending he hadn't even noticed Marshana is black.

Michelle grabs Matt for some one on one time. She's written a song for him, and unfortunately for us all proceeds to sing it, a cappella: "I want to find you. I want you to find me. I want to touch you. I want you to touch me. And I wanna feel you. I want you to feel me. I want to find you in front of me." By the end of their song, the other women are doing their best not to bust out laughing.

Back at the mansion, the other bachelorettes all squeal and jump around when they find out they're going to Vegas. "We're the fun group!" yells Shayne.

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