Group Dates: Fashion Show/Las Vegas

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Group Dates: Fashion Show/Las Vegas

Now the Vegas date heads to the Napoleon suite, because Matt needs more time with the girls to figure out whom he's giving the rose to. Shayne is freaking out, because she wants to get Matt alone so she can "clarify" things with Matt. Since the only thing she'll be clarifying is what an idiot she is, my advice to Shayne is that she stop talking now.

Matt sits down with Chelsea, who has marinated in Desperation perfume tonight, with her talk about being lonely and wanting to share things with people. She starts talking about how stubborn she is, and Matt deadpans that he's not at all interested in stubborn women and gets up to leave, totally fooling her.

Shayne is still blathering about how hard this is. "I really just want to get to know him and him only."

Robin sits on his lap and busts out a little Vivaldi on the grand piano (after he asks for George Michael or U2 and is told that she is "classically" trained. Look, most piano players are classically trained, but I can still bust out a little "One More Try," snobby) and interviews about how Matt's not going to be a problem, but the other women could be a problem. She clearly thinks she's getting the rose, so it turns out to be a shock when Chelsea gets it. More whining from Shayne, who's used to getting "a million roses." She goes off to sulk and/or do lines in the bathroom. "This is really not that fun for me." One of the other women goes in to comfort her. In an interview, Shayne talks about how if she wanted to leave, she would, but she really feels something for Matt. Suuuure you do.

Back to the mansion for a cocktail party. The women all cheer when Matt enters. Matt says some people have shone on the group dates, and some have flopped (shot of Shayne). Robin sits down with Matt, and says she wants to play a game where they pretend no one else is there, and they met accidentally. They do a little inane role-playing about meeting on a train or whatever, and then start to kiss. Robin practically inhales his face. She talking-heads that it would have been great to have been the first kiss (yeah, health-wise, it's always better not to be the last one in the pool) but as long as she had the most meaningful one, that's all she cares about.

The other women get all catty about Robin kissing Matt; as usual, this boils down to "Even though I'm trying just as hard to kiss him as you are, you're a tramp for succeeding."

Marshana goes for it and is slow-dancing with him in front of the other women, which scares him off from kissing her. Carri sits down for some alone time, and then unfortunately explains that she sings opera. And then she starts belting some out. I am completely incapable of telling you if she's any good or not (let's assume she's better than Adam Sandler's Opera Man character). But I do know that I don't like opera. Erin decides she has to sing for Matt, or she might not get a rose.

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