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A Wrong Turn On The Southern State

"I loved meeting all of your families," Jesse says. "It's going to be very difficult to say goodbye to one of you tonight." Nevertheless:

Jessica, will you accept this rose? Anything that doesn't look like a law school diploma is good enough for her.

Tara, will you accept this rose? Awwww, shoot! Geddit? GEDDIT

Shut up, Chris.

Mandy Jaye, will you accept this rose? Wow. Add a Miss Congeniality sash to her pageant room, and spell congeniality with a silent "consolation."

Trish loveless-ingly hugs each of the three girls, who hug in glee after Trish takes her whoring self outside. Jesse tells her that he doesn't think they're meant to spend their lives together. She'll make someone happy. Just not him. She tells him that she hopes he finds what he's looking for, but pretty much keeps a straight face through it. Though in Jesse's estimation, what he sees in her eyes is tantamount to "pleading. 'Jesse, please don't tell me this is happening.'" In the limo, she tells us, "This isn't fair. At all. This sucks...I'm a good person. And I'm a damn good catch...I really want my boyfriend back. And if I want something, my god, I am going to get it." Back in the house, the three remaining ladies clink glasses and celebration the ding dong the witch is dead qualities of their combined victory, as we make an unconventional cut back into the limo to discover Trish threatening, "This is not over." The...end?

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