Heather Is A Loser

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Heather Is A Loser

Byron and Andrea get into a limo. Andrea says that she's going to find her soulmate this year, whether it's Byron or somebody else. I think the whole soulmate thing is a bunch of horseshit, but isn't the idea that the two of you are destined to find each other and destined to be together? So, do you really have to worry that it won't work out with your soulmate? I don't get it. Byron asks if Andrea sees herself with him, and Andrea says that she does. Byron leans over and kisses her. Andrea interviews that she wants more than a kiss on the cheek.

Byron and Andrea arrive at the airport and find a restored B-25 Bomber sitting on the runway. The pilot hands them jumpsuits and they hop in. Inside, Byron says that if they are soulmates, they'll go down together. Yeah. What? Andrea interviews that she felt giddy when they were in the plane, and it was fun. Byron interviews about how great the moment was, and he talks more about the beautiful scenery than about the crazy Andrea.

Back at the house, the women play Truth or Dare. Krysta wants someone to ask a good question. Susie asks, "Who here feels really on the fence and really concerned about possibly not getting a rose?" In other words, who doesn't think they are a sure thing? Lamest question ever. Susie interviews that they decided to talk openly about their feelings for Byron. Tanya says that she doesn't know if she will get a rose, because while she thinks her interactions with Byron have been great, the other women might have had great interactions too. Jayne says, "Yes, because I felt a connection." Yawn. I can't believe Krysta, of all people, doesn't call bullshit on that answer. What does that even mean? I don't think I've ever "felt a connection" with anyone, including my husband. Unless "connection" means something dirty that I'm just not getting. In which case, I don't want to know. It does make the show slightly more interesting if all of these women have felt Byron's connection, if you know what I'm saying. Ew. I just grossed myself out.

Krysta interviews that Jayne is confident, and Krysta is irritated that Jayne spent time with Byron before his date with Andrea. Yeah, because there was so much preventing Krysta from doing the same thing. I wonder if there are rules about when they can and can't visit Byron, because I really expected there to be a parade of women bothering him at all hours of the night. Cheresse says that she knows the other women don't feel bad for her because she had the first date, but she hasn't really talked to Byron since. Yeah, tell that to the many women sitting there who haven't talked to him at all. Like Elizabeth. Or Susie. And now it's time for the portion of the program I like to call "Talking Shit about the Woman Who's Not in the Room." It might be my favorite part of the show. Cheresse says that she's different from Andrea, who apparently likes to clean house and nurture, and Byron seems to dig that. Cheresse interviews that Andrea has let people know that it's her house, and that Byron is her man, and that if that's what Byron wants, Cheresse feels like she shouldn't be there. Cheresse tells the others that she also thinks Andrea would talk about the other women to Byron, which Cheresse vows she would never do. Until her next date.

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