Heather Is A Loser

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Heather Is A Loser

Andrea and Byron deplane and head to the hangar for a romantic dinner. In a hangar. Byron interviews that Andrea has let him know that she's interested, and he feels the same. At dinner, Byron asks if she has any idea when she wants to get married. Andrea says she wanted to be married three years ago. Man, that's just sad. She adds that it's been a lonely year for her. Byron says that it sucks to be alone and wish you could spend moments with people, and he relates a story of his trip to Venice, where he spent the whole time just wishing he had someone to share it with. What a waste. Andrea interviews that after dinner, they went into the library and shared champagne and dessert. She adds that she's falling in love with Byron. They spoon strawberries and whipped cream into each other's mouths. Byron interviews that Andrea is amazing, and that he's into her. Byron leans over and totally attacks Andrea's mouth in the most awkward and least smooth kiss ever. Andrea actually seems to pull away a little bit, so I don't know what's going on there. Either Byron's a bad kisser, or Andrea's not as into him as she claims. Andrea interviews that they are both excited at the chance to finally find something that works. A couple of awkward kisses later, the date ends.

Krysta, Cheresse, and Cynthia discuss how they each want to go on a one-on-one date with Byron. Cheresse says that she knows the other women don't want her to go on the date, and Cynthia "jokes" that she would put crumbs in Cheresse's bed. Seriously? That's the best revenge she can come up with? Sad. Cynthia interviews that it's important to get time with Byron because he doesn't really know her yet. Cheresse points out that it's weird to have feelings for someone you don't even know. Yes! Cheresse! Krysta agrees that it's weird, but neither of them acts on it, or wonders if they are under mind control, or thinks to take the champagne they're being served to a lab for chemical analysis or anything. Cheresse says that she had an ex who was Byron's age who couldn't commit, so she's actually happy that Byron has been married before. Krysta interviews that they still don't know who will go on the date tonight, and that it's the last date before the Rose Ceremony.

Chris calls Byron and the ladies into the living room for a big announcement. He reveals that none of the ladies will be going on the big date tonight. Byron has a look on his face like, "What's that smell? Did I let my dog eat the bean dip again?" Chris says that it will be a mystery date, and hands Byron an envelope with more information. The women are told that they will get a tape with information about the mystery date. Cynthia interviews that they were all pissed off about the mystery date. Byron opens the envelope, and it's just an address. Wow, that's a great clue. Byron says that he doesn’t know any more than the women do. Elizabeth interviews that the mystery date could be with someone who already left the house. Wow, that would be a great concept. Let's give one last chance to someone Byron already thoroughly rejected! Actually, I wouldn't put it past the producers, but it would be pretty lame. Cheresse thinks that they will all have to watch Byron on a date with another woman. Byron leaves the house as Cheresse voice-overs that she doesn't want to see Byron with another woman, and she doesn't want any other woman to come to the house.

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