Heather Is A Loser

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Heather Is A Loser

Cheresse talks to Jayne and Amanda about what she will say to Byron. Cheresse reminds everyone that she hasn't talked to Byron since their date, and that while she felt a spark when they were together, she doesn't know how long it can be sustained if they aren't talking. Cheresse walks out, and she and Byron joke about how they haven't talked in a long time. Cheresse says that she had a great time on their date, but that she's had a hard time finding Byron. Dude, he's right there! Also, here's another clue. He's the only dude on the premises. Well, there's Kristie, so I could see how it might be confusing. Byron pretty much says that he's been around. Cheresse says that she thought Byron would ask her out again, and Byron confirms that their date was great. Cheresse interviews that, going into the evening, she was confident that she would get a rose, but now she's not so sure.

Krysta and Elizabeth discuss how being chosen for the big talk is not a good thing. Of course they think that, since they weren't chosen. Krysta interviews that, after her talk, Cheresse walked in and ran into the bathroom without talking to anyone. Maybe she ate a bad clam.

The women gather for "the most dramatic rose ceremony ever." I thought we did away with that phrase this season. They haven't used it yet, have they? They should cut that out. It's been parodied so much that now it just sounds ridiculous. Byron walks up to the Pillar of Roses, and another shitty job is being the PA who has to remove the thorns from the roses. Chris says that there are twelve women and eight roses, so....he grabs a calculator and figures out that four women will be going home. Byron asks the women not to accept the rose if they aren't serious about a relationship, and God, I wish someone would turn it down and make this show interesting for five minutes.

Byron offers roses to Andrea, Jayne, Elizabeth, Cheresse, Tanya, Mary, and Cynthia. Cynthia walks very carefully down to Byron and acts drunk. She gives Byron the crazy eyes and sways back and forth before muttering something about acting goofy. What is wrong with her? I hope she gets a date soon if she actually is that crazy. That might also be interesting for five minutes. Chris announces the final rose, and Byron hands it off to Krysta. Ah, the producer's pick. Sure to run around naked and backstab the other women. I can't complain. The show is boring enough. Imagine what it would be like without Krysta? At least she's sort of interesting, in an annoying way.

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