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The Hell Nine Yards

Back in front of the ladies, Jesse explains, "I've very embarrassed to tell you this. Katie. I accidentally called out the wrong name." Poor dear, she actually steps forward to offer the rose back, but Jesse offers her the opportunity to stay and she accepts before the question is out of his mouth. Chris runs to the garden and plucks another rose, landing it conveniently on Jesse's wicker love plate. Jesse wastes no time sounding it out correctly: "Karen, would you accept this rose?" He apologizes to her, but really, she's fine with it. Katie, not so fine. Shiri Appleby, not so fine. Chris, secretly kind of amused by the whole bullshitty thing.

"I actually was surprised that I didn't get a rose," Rachel complains. Aren't they always? Dolores wonders if she talked about football too much, but doesn't think it was really her fault, blaming the cosmos instead that they just didn't share a "connection." You think she's seen this show before or what? Holly just found Jesse's choices icky. Karen felt "a nice little connection" while they were talking. Katie is prettier, anyway. The Spy, Jesse's Friend, Posing As A Bachelorette is worried about protecting her identity. "The sixteen girls that remain are all amazing," Jesse offers in a confessional. Dude. Fifteen.

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