It's My Bachelor Party And I'll Cry Because I'm Crazy And/Or Sad About The Sudden Death Of My Grandmother

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Skinny Amy

Mom: Little bit of bad news.
Meredith: What?
Mom: Uhhh...Nanny passed away.

Oh, great. Death. What am I supposed to do with THAT, exactly? Meredith is sad and crying. Her mother tells her not to go to the funeral. Mama Meredith tries to reason that "it's just one of those things," advising Meredith not to "let this spoil what [Meredith is] doing." And, she's gone. Meredith hangs up the phone and turns to where none of the girls are, asking whoever is in the path (the cameraman, I'm guessing), "Please give me a second." The camera shamefacedly pans away, coming to rest on the ReaperPhone that rests just feet away. Sadness may reign, but at least decorum is going to win the day; they're going to give her a second.

They're going to give her exactly one second.

We fade up again later that mourning, the girls comforting a weepy Meredith by standing around her in what appears to be a resigned game of Huggy Bear played at The Saddest Bar Mitzvah. In a confessional, Estella tells us that "when [her] father passed away" -- what? When her father passed away...WHAT? She picks up her yarn: "I was at a new job. My mother wasn't there, my friends weren't there. I had people comforting me who I didn't know. It's really lonely. It is." Back downstairs, Kelly Jo offers to do Meredith's laundry, I think, and, at the top of the steps, Mary does her best harassed-starlet routine and puts a hand in front of a camera begging, "Don't film me, please!" Did you know that certain really famous stars like Jennifer Aniston and Madonna (and now, maybe, Mary) often wear the same outfit every day in public because it depreciates the value of a paparazzi shot if there's no proof of how current it is? Isn't that a more interesting sentence to read than "Death death death death deathity death"? Now I feel like I need to tie that statement in with something actually happening in the context of the show. Okay, here goes: maybe that's why it's so hard to make any money taking paparazzi shots of the The Grim Reaper. Because he wears. The. Same. Thing. Over. And. Sigh.

At least Jenny is keeping sickly and opportunistically focussed on the matter at hand: "I think all the girls were scared, since Meredith's grandmother died, that she may not go on the date...we just wanted her to relax so she could go on this date with Bob." And show him how sullen and morose she is. Meredith knows that "he's going to be absolutely wonderful," and she's really looking forward to it, "despite [her] mood." Lucky for me I'm not one of those people who stands in judgment of other people's decisions.

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