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So a helicopter lands in the courtyard, and this show is really overdoing it with the helicopters, I have to say. Ella doesn't know where they're going, but she doesn't care. "I want him to know everything about me."

Vienna says none of the other women slept in the same room as she did last night. "The best thing for me to do is be the bigger person," she tells us. She apologizes to the other women, and says they're going to take their feelings into account. Gia hugs her. Ali, however, gets ugly about it, and reminds her that she wasn't upset because Jake went on a one-on-one with someone else, but because he went on a one-on-one with Vienna. So now Vienna's crying. Ashleigh apparently thinks that's a good thing, because "anyone can apologize." Funny, then, that Vienna's the only one who has.

So the helicopter takes Jake and Ella to SeaWorld, which apparently is, like the amusement park, not open to the public so these two can selfishly have the place to themselves. Jake's got a special surprise for her, and what else could it possibly be but her son? Her son comes running up to them, and considering the way the kid's slapping the pavement, it's pretty obvious that Ella was purposely not turning her head to look, so I'm guessing they had to film this more than once.

So then they go see the dolphins play and the killer whale do some tricks, and now we see some actual admission-paying members of public allowed into the park. The three of them have their run of the place, and Jake and Ethan go into the penguin habitat. Ella says she normally doesn't let men meet her son this early, but after a staged hyper-romantic date with a guy who knows his every action and utterance is being recorded, she knows he'd make a great father.

And then there's more with the dolphins, and then they look at the polar bears, and Ella wants to nominate Jake for sainthood because he got a little toy plane for Ethan. So there's a lot of time with Jake and Ethan talking about the plane, and what a sweet, smart kid Ethan is. Jake tells Ella that he was worried Ella might think it was too early to bring Ethan into the picture. Suuure he did. Ella tells us that it's not too early because she would want to see how they interact, etc. So she's either lying to him or she lied to us about how normally she never lets a man meet Ethan this early.

So she talks about domestic life and how she wants to cuddle and watch a movie, and Jake asks her about being engaged, and she says she could definitely see herself engaged to Jake, and she wants more children, and she wants what Trista and Ryan have. And Ella's over the moon about how nice Jake is with Ethan. "He looks like he could be Ethan's daddy!" Do all the other men you meet beat your son or something?

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