Jason Brings His Son to New Zealand

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Melissa, Will You Be My Fiancée for a Little While?

Now it's Molly's turn to spend a last day with Jason before he makes his final decision. It's another crappy, rainy day. "Today is all about Molly, and I'm going to push Melissa out of my mind, and live in the moment," he tells us. How romantic!

Molly says that since it was raining, she took matters into her own hands and brought him back to her place for a nice, romantic evening. She's got a couple of massage beds sets up. "Strip down, baby!" she tells him. So he lies on his stomach and she straddles him and he's all oiled up and she's rubbing his back, and I think I'm going to hurl. "You should put me in charge of dates more often," she tells him. Then he gets on his back and she continues to straddle him, and the two of them are making out. Man alive! "Jason cannot leave here tonight without knowing how much I want to be with him," she tells us. She calls him her "soulmate," which makes me shudder, but come to think of it, that's a word that's been fairly blessedly absent this season.

So they're at dinner, and Molly says something about how she was holding back one percent of herself, and she wants to give herself to him, and it's really inane, and then she says she's in love with him and it's "so awesome." And they make out. And she's got a gift for him, which is a homemade storybook with mementoes from their time together, like the sheet of paper she wrote her song on, and Jason tells us that sometimes a question is whether she shows emotion, but this book proves she does or whatever.

Jason's clearly thinking, "I gotta read this whole damn thing?" The book ends with "This is not the end, but only the beginning." And they kiss some more, and he says this is so sweet, and odds are he says it was amazing too, but my body parts are taking matters into their own hands and shutting down to save me. "I love you," Molly tells him. "You know I'm falling for you," he says. Not the same! Not romantic! Not how any sane person would go about this!

Jason thanks them for doing this, and says he understands how they're not comfortable with the cameras. Really? It hasn't sounded like either he or Melissa understood that. "It just made me feel better about everything and gave me the closure so that I could move forward." He says he's finally at peace with everything, and how there's three of them in the equation: him, Molly and Melissa. Yessirree Bob, there's certainly no wild card about to be played, right? "One thing's for sure: there's no way someone from my past is going to raise some questions for me. Hey, who's that at the door?"

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