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The Witless Bride

Previously, Aaron determined after an evening of conversation that he couldn't possibly consider marrying ten women. I mean, he told ten women that he wasn't interested in considering them for marriage, not that he considered polygamy and decided against it. Although there's a potential reality-show concept right there for the taking. Something for ABC to consider while its entire fall line-up continues to crash and burn.

But before we start tonight's episode, it's time for another chapter in the epic novel, Why Shack Is Stupid. I taped this episode (successfully this time) and watched the whole thing later in the evening after I got home from work in order to write the recaplet. My second show, Firefly, is pre-empted for baseball this week, so I planned to start work on the recap Friday evening while doing errands and such. So I stuck the tape in and went out to get my laundry. But, see, I've programmed my VCR to tape at a certain time every week so that I can make sure I've got it in case I get called away or work late or whatever. So I come back in from folding my laundry, and suddenly the first ten minutes of the episode have been taped over with baseball. It started recording the playoffs while I was folding my shirts, and I managed to catch it before it went any further. Oops. I'm beginning to think this is some sort of plot by my subconscious to spare my poor, suffering brain. So if the first couple of pages of the recap seem's because I'm recapping, in part, from memory. And my memory sucks. Sorry. All the good stuff happens later in the episode anyway, so I haven't lost any of the drama. Actually, losing the first ten minutes spares you a recap of Chris explaining what the show is about in a voice-over, and then explaining it again in person, and then having Aaron and a couple of bachelorettes explain it for us again. So, really, we're all winners here.

So tonight, we'll see Aaron take the fifteen remaining bachelorettes out on dates in three groups of five. After the dates are done, the five women who failed to lavish enough attention on Aaron will be tossed. Let's just assume that the women all make sad frowny faces when they're told this. Whatever will they do if Aaron doesn't love them? How can they go back to their homes and jobs and families without Aaron? Let's assume that several bachelorettes look forward to this date as a chance to make an impression on Aaron. Let's assume that Christi is one of those women, because I'm so sure she is.

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