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The Witless Bride

In the Deliberation Room, Chris brings up all the drama. Aaron blathers some non-sequiturs about nothing that says zilch. Chris asks Aaron whether he's seriously thinking about which of the women he might marry. Yes. Stupid question. Chris has got some "help" tonight for Aaron's "tough decision." Each of the fifteen women recorded some desperate messages begging him not to toss them out. Chris leaves Aaron alone with the video, but tells him he'll be back to bring Aaron out for the rose ceremony. There's no point in recapping the video; all the women say that they've enjoyed their time together with Aaron. The ones who have had almost no time with Aaron say they hope to spend more time with Aaron and get to know him better. Christi says Aaron makes her feel like a "giddy twelve-year-old girl." And also, she's sure Suzanne is spiking her food with bleach and sending naked photos of her to the Democratic National Committee.

Commercials. When we return, it's time for the rose ceremony. Ten will get roses. They can refuse them if they want to. Like they could force the women to continue dating Aaron or something. Actually, given some reality-show contracts I've seen, they probably could. The five that don't get roses pack their things and go try to find love like normal people.

Chris fetches Aaron, who comes out and gives another blah blah "this has been very difficult" blah blah yackety-smackety. He picks up the first rose, but before he can say anything, Anindita stands up and says she has something to say to him. Aaron looks surprised and confused. She walks up and tells him that she thinks he's a great person, but thinks it wouldn't be "truthful to this whole process" if she were to stay, because she's not really interested in Aaron. The other women respond, "Yeah, like we are?" Actually, they all look absolutely utterly shocked. They gasp. Who could not love Aaron? How could they? What is wrong with Anindita that she could not love Aaron? The horror! Anindita hugs Aaron and walks out. We see Frances, who seems to be thinking about what Anindita said. Sure enough, Frances pipes up, saying she doesn't want to waste anybody's time, either. She also thinks that Aaron is a "cool guy," but she's not as interested as these other women, so she's leaving. The women are slack-jawed in disbelief. Somebody says, "That's not right. I don't want her to leave like that." Oh my. Somebody could write a thesis on female competitive dating behavior based entirely on that sentence. Why wouldn't she want Frances to leave like that? She's not interested in Aaron, so why not? I suspect that whoever said that (and we don't see her) would rather that Frances and Anindita were rejected by Aaron so that she could feel superior to them. Two women walking out on their own are pretty much calling the other women's judgment of men into question. Frances and Anindita are saying, "Throw yourself at this tool if you want. There are other fish in the sea," and the more desperate women can't handle it. Or, they knew they weren't getting roses anyway. Or it was all staged. Whatever.

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