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The Witless Bride

Cut back into the hall, where Suzanne has Aaron on his knees to dropper some wine down his throat. I just know that some clever pervert out there has done a screenshot of that image and Photoshopped it to make it look like Aaron is giving somebody a blowjob in a bathroom stall. That's exactly what it looks like. In an interview, Aaron describes Suzanne as a "smokin' girl" with a "hot body."

Back at the table, Anindita is continuing to push Christi toward the edge of the Cliffs of Sanity. She tells Christi that she feels bad for Suzanne whenever Christi rolls her eyes at her. Christi asks why Anindita has to point it out. Anindita says she'll say whatever's on her mind. Christi says she will, too. Oh, I didn't realize that rolling your eyes at somebody behind her back and then insisting that you didn't constitutes "saying whatever's on your mind." Christi insists that if she has something against someone, she'll say it to her face. Which she never, ever does, despite the fact that she tells the other women, tells Aaron, and tells the camera. She never tells Suzanne. The women (and despite Anindita's role here as the "troublemaker," clearly both Erin and Angela agree with her opinion) try to explain to Christi that they don't think that she's a bitch or mean or anything like that; they just don't like how they're treating Suzanne. But it's too late -- Christi's train has stopped at the Crazy Street Station in the City of New Bedlam. She stands up and strides out in tears.

Angela chases after Christi to try to calm her down. She's a better person than I. I would point and laugh. We get the lines we've been seeing in the promos. Christi tearfully explains to Angela, "I'm sensitive, and the things that people say about me makes me hurt. It hurts my feelings. It hurts my heart!" Gee, there's a lesson in there somewhere, but it's one that is lost in the chronically self-deluded. Christi sobs in her hands like a nine-year-old who has just seen her dog get run over. She cries that she wants to go home. I seriously hope she's drunk, because otherwise this is sadder than the woman who had that panic attack last season. I mean, she hasn't even been rejected by Aaron, yet. She's been rejected by one of the other women. But she's just so damned needy that she can't even deal with the thought that women like Anindita and Suzanne don't like her very much. Angela reminds Christi that it's just "one person" (which it's not) and that she has a "good feeling" about Aaron and that she doesn't really want to go home.

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