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Chris fails to leave the recapping to the professionals, sitting down with Bob in the Room of Reckoning and gushing, "Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a night like the one I witnessed tonight. That was amazing." Well, whatever Chris was doing before he walked downstairs with his champagne glass and fork, next time I want to do that instead. Bob responds that there has been "a lot more going on behind the scenes" than he had realized, and that he was caught off-guard by how people really feel. How they feel about the other girls, not how they feel about him. Anyway, this has made his decision extremely difficult, and he pays homage to this sacred room, this Temple Of Emotional Reckoning, telling Chris, "I actually need to use this room for what it's meant for." As opposed to when he uses it for band practice. Chris leaves Bob to his tortured emotional state, and leaves us to the torture of the video messages. Jenny had a wonderful time at the water park. Misty thinks their relationship has "definitely gotten stronger." Meredith wants to thank Bob for his overall fabulousness even in the face of Nana's Conveniently-Recurring Subplot. Estella is looking forward to spending an evening alone with him. Mary "loved when [they] sang to one another" and falling in love through that Cupid's Arrow known as karaoke, which means, by her standards, that I am about to become romantically involved with at least half of the writing staff of this website. ["I knew it! I knew you'd be my 'Father Figure' one day!" -- Wing Chun] Karin thinks they "have a lot in common." Brooke's eyes bug through the screen, looking as though the entirety of her video message should simply be, "I should be with you, Bob, because Large Marge sent me." Antoinette wants a one-on-one. Kelly-Jo "would love to hear [him] sing to [her] for the rest of [her] life." Woohoo, boys! Did someone say Reunion Tour? Lee-Ann thinks they "proved" that she wasn't Bob's least compatible, which means Video Message Lee-Ann and Stumbling Toward Nationally Televised Humiliation Lee-Ann probably haven't met each other in the dark corridors of the Time-Space Continuum just yet. She ends her message, "Give me a rose and we'll keep proving people wrong." Nothing like you and your mate against the world to keep the relationship sharp. There's. No. WAY.

"Tonight was very different," Chris tells the ladies as he brings the roses downstairs. He recaps that the "mood and the tone" have changed, reminding them that four of them are gone after tonight. Bob emerges from his lair, sharing similar sentiments of the wasn't-tonight-so-crazy variety, adding, "You women have amazed me." And here we go:

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