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"Going into tonight, there are five women that I'm certain I want to extend roses to...I have a sixth rose, and that's definitely the one that is causing me the most trepidation." In that spirit, he is going to try to spend some time with each other women individually, if only to make it look less suspect when there are four pre-eliminated- for-your-convenience girls he should just make faces at behind their backs.

First up is Krazy-Eyes, whom we haven't seen any of tonight, and she certainly hasn't seen any of us, what with her Krazy-Eyes spinning loosely in their sockets like the googly sticker she is. Sitting outside, she asks Bob if he plans on staying in Detroit and at his job. He explains that his family and his business are there, and that he's always said he'll "never quit [his] day job." Why not? If it's a sense of nobility you're looking to foster for yourself in life, I'd say you're two reality dating shows behind the curve as it is. Brooke, meanwhile, has always lived in Memphis, but even if she leaves, she'll know that she always has a home there. Bob tells us that he likes the "sense of confidence" Brooke exudes, and that they have so much in common and, c'mon, seriously, she's so not going to win.

Misty. She asks how he is, and Bob deems himself as "delightful," adding, "I feel like I have this huge decision to make." Look at Bob! Bob Bob Bob! Bob is famous on the Bob show! Bobbity Bob Bob Bob! Let's not ever talk about anything else but Bob! In that spirit of Bobalicious Bobosity, Bob asks her, "Are there any things that you're in particular wondering about me?" And seriously, in his mind, the only acceptable question he could think she would ask would be, "What god fashioned you in his image and how did you get to be so wonderful?" ["Or perhaps, 'Your campaign seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. What are you so popular?'" -- Wing Chun] Misty turns the tables because that's what the women do on this show, asking Bob, "Do you feel like we're compatible?" She tells us that she feels like she gets "tough" and "nervous" around Bob, and it's a feat of mischaracterization either on her part or on the show's that we've seen absolutely no facets of either. Bob tells Misty that he doesn't date ten women at a time, and then trumps his own joke by adding, "Usually twelve." She's a deer in his headlights.

For all the carb consciousness that must go on with girls who look like this, they sure can't stop from excessive toasting. Wait. Did I really just write that? Aaaaaanyway, Kelly Jo raises a glass to the Top 10, and everybody clinks. Jenny ups the toasting ante, though, adding, "Here's to 'stay in touch whenever we're available to.'" Lee-Ann rolls her eyes and declines to toast. Let's go outside and hear her tell us why! "In a normal situation, if I want a guy, I don't have to see the other nine girls that are going for him. The whole point of this is to be true to yourself. If I want to be with Bob, I'm not gonna fake this just so I can look like I get along with everyone."

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