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Kelly Jo. Admit it. You missed her just a little, didn't you? They reunite with a kiss. Kelly Jo launches in: "I hope you know I have a serious side." At which point she delivers, verbatim, the identical speech that might sound familiar to Bob seeing as he delivered it to Trista during the very episode that saw him booted. An interesting strategy, to be sure. She adds, "I just want you to know that my heart is out there and it's wide open. And if you want to embrace it, that's going to make me the happiest woman in the room." Shoo-in for the final four. "And I still want to smooch you." Or maybe the final two.

Meredith. Nana haunts the proceedings once more as we rehash the reasons that Bob and Meredith had such an atypical first date. Meredith thanks him for being so great through this tough time, and he retorts, "It's kind of early in a dating relationship to have to deal with grief like that." Well, excuse Nana for dying then, won't you? Meredith tells us that she's "really, really feeling something" for him, hoping that they can be together "in the end," and also for the ten- to fifteen- to ten-minute service that is certain to following immediately afterward.

"Lee-Ann was definitely upset," Karin tells us. Karin takes Lee-Ann to a remote corner of the room -- in front of a roaring fire Karin must have designs just to shove Lee-Ann headlong into -- and tells Lee-Ann, in the nicest way possible, "I look at you, and you're such a beautiful girl...." Oh, don't worry, Karin. Lee-Ann will take it from here: "...that could have any man that I wanted." She tells Karin that she's not having any fun, doesn't dig sharing a man with nine other women, and doesn't want to "behave tonight and then be miserable for a week." Karin tries to hop in, but Lee-Ann wants her to know, "I'm too good for this [bleeped expletive that is 'shit'], and if you don't realize that then open your eyes." And, okay. Having watched the show that introduced a slobbering nation to its poster boy for fat-and-then-skinny, one would presuppose that Lee-Ann would enter into the game with a basic idea of what the rules were. On the other hand, anyone who decides that they're too good for this shit? Might actually be. Take her rambling logic (which, effectively, equals "This whole social dynamic is gross and weird") and juxtapose it against the next shot, that of Bob asking Mary is he can steal her for a moment, and her leaning into him and actually responding, "I will give you many moments" in a social dynamic I find gross and weird. I'm not saying Lee-Ann should be sold as a collector's card and packaged with gum. She's still not my hero. But I am saying that if someone's gonna call this show on its bullshit -- whether as a result of a personally motivated agenda or no -- they might as well go ahead and let us watch it. Right before she gets booted so far off the show she ends up in deep space.

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