Leina Has Left the Building

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Leina Has Left the Building

Krysta angrily tells another woman that she wants to go on the one-on-one date tonight. Byron interviews that he wrote out an invitation for his date and put it on a podium by the pool. Krysta spies it and runs over to get it. Hey! No running by the pool! The wet concrete is slick and you could fall...oh, wait. It's Krysta. I don't really care if she falls. Krysta grabs the envelope and dances around until the rest of the women join her for the big announcement. She pulls out a slip of paper and says that Cheresse will be joining Byron on a date. The women scream and clap. I guess the drugs wore off, because they are back to their manic state. Andrea has a look on her face like, "How could he not love me? What did I do wrong? I made him a sandwich!" Cheresse interviews that she's excited about the date, but also nervous, because she fears that it means that Byron is unsure whether or not she should stick around.

Krysta complains that Byron didn't choose her, and wonders what she did wrong. Um, spoke? Showed your face? Wore an ill-fitting bikini? Krysta interviews that she was disappointed. She pulls another woman aside and says her stomach is flipping. The other woman tells Krysta to steal her moment. Krysta realizes that she needs to "get [her] A game on" and that "this has all been warm-ups." If she's been this obnoxious during warm-ups, I can't imagine what comes next. Will she just walk around naked? Wear a sign that says, "I'll blow you if you choose me"? Murder all the other women in their sleep? Tell me you can't see her doing any or all of those things. I'd actually like to see the producers tells Krysta and Andrea that they are the final two and that they have to take out their competition in order to win. That would be a show worth watching. It would be like Series 7, except that the women would be in bikinis, and talk about "connections" all the time.

Later that night, Byron walks over to the main house to pick up Cheresse for their date. Byron interviews that he wants to find out more about how Cheresse feels about relationships. Cheresse interviews that she's dated a lot of commitmentphobes in the past, so she hopes Byron is looking for commitment. They get into their limo to be whisked away to a secret location. Well, secret to Cheresse. Byron totally knows where they are going. Cheresse explains that she was shocked that he picked her, because she didn't know if she would make it past the first Rose Ceremony. Byron interviews that they got along well, and that it felt natural.

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