Leina Has Left the Building

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Leina Has Left the Building

The women chill out in the pool, and someone's wearing a thong bikini, because her ass is blurred out. Tanya interviews that the next date invitation had arrived, and that they were all anxious to find out who would receive it. After a fake drumroll, someone announces that Jayne is going on the date. Cynthia interviews that she's upset that she didn't get the date, and that she's worried that Byron isn't going to know her. Jayne interviews that the date is important to her, because she's getting older and realizing that if she doesn't open up to someone soon, it might be too late. It's never too late! Except for having kids. That does have a time limit for women. But you could always adopt! I like Jayne. One of the women asks Jayne, who seems quiet, if she's not excited about the date, and Jayne says that she's just nervous.

Byron picks Jayne up, and they go fishing. Is that really a vacation? That would be like me taking someone on a date where we watch television or teach a class. Okay, I do watch television on vacation, but I don't recap it. Usually. Byron pulls out his rod (dirty!) and starts fishing, and then teaches Jayne how to cast. Jayne catches a fish right away. Byron helps her to reel it in. Jayne interviews that she saw how exciting it was to catch a fish, and that she understands why Byron would want to do that with his life. Byron unhooks the fish and makes Jayne kiss it, and then lets it go. Byron interviews that he couldn't believe Jayne kissed it, because she's a girl, and girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. No wonder his first marriage ended in divorce. I mean, I don't particularly want to kiss a fish, but I could if I had to. I'd much rather kiss it than clean it. Although I've done that too.

Jayne and Byron sit out in a rowboat with glasses of wine. Jayne interviews that she was having so much fun that she forgot to be nervous or worried, and then she mentions a connection. Byron continues fishing and talks about how much he enjoys watching Jayne fish. Byron interviews that it was a dream date. Aren't they getting eaten alive by mosquitoes? I hope Production provided them with some Off.

Byron interviews that after the fishing was done, they decided to have dinner. Byron grills some fish, and they eat. Byron offers up a toast to Jayne's first fish. They sip wine, and then Byron asks how she is enjoying the date. Jayne admits that she was worried she wouldn't come out of her shell. Byron interviews that Jayne is shy, but optimistic, and "open to the concept of love," whatever that means. Jayne says that it's easier to stay in the back of the pack, and Byron promises that he'll dig to the back of the pack to get to her.

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