Leina Has Left the Building

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Leina Has Left the Building

Back at the house, Amanda and Leina walk into the living room, hand-in-hand. She IS gay! Just kidding. Leina says that she has an announcement, and immediately starts crying. She hems and haws before finally admitting that she left someone at home, and that she wants to leave. She still hasn't mention the person's gender. Wende interviews that "Little Miss Hawaii" left, which made the cut smaller, so Wende is pretty psyched that Leina's leaving.

On the date, Jayne asks Byron if he really thought he'd meet his soulmate on the show, and Byron says that's why he did it, but that it's not a given. Jayne says that she's not sure. Byron asks if Jayne's shyness is really just an attempt to protect herself, and Jayne admits that usually she's the one being pursued. Jayne interviews that her shyness isn't due to her feelings for Byron. Jayne explains that she gets frustrated with herself, and that she needs to make it happen. Byron thinks it's mutual.

Leina sneaks into Byron's place and leaves a letter on his bed. She doesn't even pet the dog! What kind of monster is she? Leina packs her bags and leaves immediately. She didn't even wait and tell Byron face-to-face? I can't believe the producers let her get away with that.

Byron and Jayne say good night, and Byron kisses her on the cheek. Jayne interviews that she feels like she's falling for Byron, but that there are many other woman waiting for him back at the house. Byron and Jayne walk into the house. Byron interviews that he could see himself falling for Jayne, but that she needs to come out of her shell.

Byron walks into his place and greets the dog before reading the letter from Leina. Byron interviews that he knows "the man that [Leina] is with will be very lucky." Finally, someone was gender-specific. Not that it matters, but all the dancing around made me curious. Byron finishes the letter and mutters to himself that it's cool. Sure. It makes his decision easier.

The women sit around and chatter in their evening gowns. As you do. Elizabeth interviews that they're all hoping to get one last chance to talk to Byron before he makes his decision. Chris meets with Byron and reveals that, in a break with tradition, there won't be a party tonight before the Rose Ceremony. Chris says that because Byron lives with the women, he's already had a chance to get to know them better. Sure, during that...thirty seconds that he ate one bite of a sandwich. Has he spent any more time with them besides that? Chris throws Byron a bone and says that he'll be allowed to choose three women to have some one-on-one time with before the Rose Ceremony. Chris refers to it as a "last chance." Byron chooses Natalie, Jayne, and Kristie. Hey, Jayne already got a date! I don't know what that's all about.

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