Leina Has Left the Building

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Leina Has Left the Building

Andrea starts crying, of course, forcing the other women to tell her that she's definitely getting a rose tonight, like, why not save your tears until after the ceremony, or even better, for something that actually matters? Krysta can't keep away from the drama. Andrea interviews that she's overwhelmed with emotions, and that she's really hoping for a rose.

Byron interviews that he hoped talking to three women would make his decision easier, but that it actually made it harder. He's not looking forward to the Rose Ceremony, but knows it will lead him closer to his soulmate. Bleh.

It's time for the Recapper's Dream...I mean, "Rose Ceremony." Lots of long pauses and not much dialogue. Next to the montage, this is what recappers dream about. Chris explains that there are ten roses and fourteen roses, and then emphasizes that the women can refuse the rose if they don't want to continue. God, I wish that would happen more often. Byron thanks the women for welcoming his dog and him into the house, and then picks up the first rose and offers it to Tanya, whose red gown complements her red, sunburned skin. Next up is Amanda, who reminds me of Estella for some reason. I think it's her slightly nasal voice. Byron offers a rose to Elizabeth, and I wish he would say something about her being the chocolate in his milk, because you know they're all thinking it. Cheresse gets the next rose, even though she didn't put out on their date. Cheresse is wearing a Pucci-inspired gown that is not at all inspired. Andrea gets a rose, thank God, because I didn't want to see what would happen if she didn't. They have to save her eviction for a week that needs more drama. Which would be all of them, if you ask me. Byron offers Susie (Whosie?) a rose. I like her dress; it's lavender satin and it's pretty. The next to get a rose is Jayne, and when she walked out, I saw Elizabeth's dress, and boy is it ugly. It's multicolored and beaded and spangled, and it's something you would see in a store and think, "Who would buy that?" The answer is Elizabeth. Kristie gets the next rose, so I guess her sales pitch worked. Don't encourage her, Byron. Speaking of not encouraging people, Byron gives the next rose to Krysta. Ugh. Usually I root for the bitchy contestants on these shows, but she is just horrible. Chris announces the final rose, for those listening to the show on the radio, and then Byron presents it to Cindy. There are seriously about ten women whose names I don't know at all. Cindy walks up to Byron very strangely, like she's about to faint or something. She's a weirdo.

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