London Calling

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London Calling

More squealing bitches! Erin H., 25, an event planner from Seattle. She has a ring on her finger, which she calls a "placeholder" until he puts the real thing on. Kelly, 24, from San Diego, is in medical sales. He hopes they'll have a brilliant time! Rebecca, 30, is an attorney from Alamo, Calif. "You are from England." She says. Denise, 30, is a former Bush aide from Washington. Erin S., 33, is a hotdog vendor from Venice, Calif. Hotdog vendor? Just like that, I know whom I want to win. She jokes that he seems to be very popular tonight, and doesn't suppose she'll have a hard time finding him later on inside.

Next limo: Robin, 22, an advertising co-ordinator from Holland, Mich. She lived in London, yet she doesn't call soccer football. Ashlee, 22, is a singer/songwriter from Jacksonville Beach, Fla., who looks just like Leelee Sobieski. She blows him a kiss. Alyssa, 24, a biology student from Boise. They chat about the weather. Michelle P., 28, an administrative assistant from Syracuse, says she didn't peek from the limousine, so they saw each other at exactly the same time, whatever that's supposed to mean. Yep, you guys are on totally equal footing now. Shayne is an actress from Malibu.

Next limo: Marshana, 27, a fashion designer from Brooklyn. He compliments her outfit, a sparkly brown dress, which she says she made. Amanda P, 26, is a law student from Las Vegas. She brings him a fuzzy die from Vegas for good luck. By this point, Matt has perfected the "surprised smile that broadens when a woman steps out of the limousine." Every woman must be thinking that she knocked him out. Tamara, 23, is a cocktail waitress from Beverly Hills. She says she's really nervous, and he gallantly tells her everyone is. Holly, 25, is a children's book author from Suffield, Ohio. She says she's excited, not nervous. Then she giggles nervously. Tiffany, 33, from San Francisco, is in real estate marketing. He says he wants to get one of those "trams." She promises to take him.

God, more bitches? Final limo: Carri, 25, is in "church marketing," whatever THAT is. She's from Oklahoma City. Matt's never been, but he loves the musical, which makes her laugh. Stacey, 26, is a graduate student from Chicago, in a sparkly blue dress and tries to be all seductive with her kiss, but comes off as drunk. Turns out she's going to show us just what drunk is all about. Lesley, 23, is a youth minister from Tampa. Michele R., 33, is an interior designer from Laguna Niguel, Calif. Noelle, 26, is a photographer from Loveland, Colo., with excellent dimple action. She says she's a "sucker for accents." Would she be as all-aflutter if Ricky Gervais was standing there? She makes him say British things like "milady." No one ever asks a Canadian to say "eh." At least, not a pretty woman who gets all hot when you do it.

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